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  1. Take a minute & look at the tutorials at the top of the VC Modding page.

    If you're still hung up, we'll see what we can do.

    Since you took the time to put in an avatar pic, hit the "introduce yourself" topic & say hello.


    Welcome to the forum.

    hey im new to this stuff, i have just downloaded VC off the internet and it is the full version but i am having troube installing the wheel mod thing, it says i put it in on the file when i was trying to install it. can anyone help

    So in other words, you illegaly downloaded the game, probley from tpb, and now you want help? Everyone else here (hopefully) bought it at the store.

    Stealing gets you no where

  2. I have just found out the hard way why you should ALWAYS backup your data when you use mods. Now I need to reinstall Vice City :-(. I dont want to play SA right now, but now I need to waste 6 minuites installing and uninstalling and installing mods and <_<.

    Lesson Learned.

  3. SOLVED!

    I dont know why the hell I didnt try this before :lol:

    What I normally do on my desktop comp. is just ALT + TAB out of the game while still playing it. It works on the desktop, with XP but not on my Laptop with Vista (yes I know it sucks so stfu already :rolleyes: ). I just tried pausing the game first, then ALT +TABing to the garage editor...

    Works Perfectly <_<


  4. Vista is still new & it's probably a compatibility issue w/ the trainer.

    Your best bet is to see if LithJoe has a Vista Version.

    Try looking for similar topics in the VC Modding forum.

    Okay, thank you!

    First Step:


    Trust me, if there was a version of this game that runs on any distro of Linux, I would! ^_^

  5. Hello Everyone!

    First and foremost, everything works perfectly on my desktop computer.

    I have Vice City, and im having some trouble.

    I downloaded the GTA Vice Ultimate Trainer made by LithJoe a few days ago, after installing VC on my Windows Vista laptop.

    I only use it for the garage editor. Anyways, in order to use the garage editor, you need to load up your save file, and then Alt + Tab out of the game, to the program, and then edit the garage.

    On my desktop computer (Win XP), I edit the garage, Alt + Tab back to the game, and it takes me to the Pause menu.

    I can then simply goto the selected garage and get my new car.

    With my laptop however, when I Alt + Tab back, I come to the Pause Menu, and hit resume... poof.

    I get a black screen, and I cant Alt + TAb out of the game. I have to use Ctrl Alt Del and select the task manager, then kill the gta-vc.exe process.

    I dont know why it does this. I even tryed using it in compatability mode for XP, and it doesnt do anything. I tryed setting my vista settings to classical, and nada.

    I have tryed numorous other things/remedys but nothing seems to work.

    Any help here would be very helpful.

    Sorry if I didnt format this properly, but im in a hotel room with a head ache.

    Thanks in advance,


    PS. The game works fine otherwhys. I know some people have been having GFX problems with Vista, but its good for me.

    EDIT: Ill read (if)any replys in about an hour or two. Im bored, so Ill play it as-is for a while.

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