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  1. played around with the surface.dat file and a couple of other likely candidates but so far have had zero effect on the game, aside from f**k up my sound. any modders reading this please give me a hand its such a great idea but i need help.

  2. ok this is ridiculous. there have been 28 views on this post and no one has replied. surly it would not be that difficult for an intermediate modder to change the properties of the water into that of the road. even any ideas that i could try or a point to start with would be great.

  3. Lo

    i hav just had the best modding idea, but dont know how to mod. i have check around for any similar mods already in existance, but cant find any. what i wanted to do was to turn all the water in san andreas into concrete. or bitumen. and also to have it perfectly flat. no more falling into water on pc without the cars drive water cheat being included. also, you could head out onto the oceans with a car that has a modified top speed and just go flat out, for as long as you want. anyone who can make this mod is a total legend in my books.



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