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  1. Last post date was in January. Like 9 months ago. That's topic bumping. Which is against the rules.

    Also, I'd say this gang's dead.

    Hay Mate!

    Well Is There Any Way Of Me joining it and makeing the gang have more members

    Plus Im Confused it says gang recruitment so i asumed that yo placed applications on here.

    Sorry If have F*cked things up

    [[ 10 Dimensons ]]

  2. Hey Guys!

    I Was Wondering. Are R* Goig to Put Children In The new GTA Because They Dont Have Any In The Other GTA`s.

    Does Any One Know Anything About This


    [[ 10 Dimensions ]]

    Wow! You bumped this topic ( last post was 4 months ago :| ) and asqued an offtopic question but w/e

    Nope ... R* won't put children in their games, remember the Hot Coffee incident? Killing children and animals is just sick ... I think Dan Houser said they won't put children and fuzzy animals to kill in their games but I'm not sure ...

    Hey Mate!

    I Agree Espesically wit the Hot Coffe incident Which you Mentioned. Also I Think That If They Want to make the game realistiv as possible you will have famillies in cars and out and stuff.

    Can someone tell me where to post the next post about this topic please


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  3. Hey Mate!

    Theres No Way You Can Win And Make Your CR (Crimina Rating) Be Low And Have Fun With The Game I Find. The Only Way To Make Your CR Low Is Not Do Anything Really. Just Do The Missions And Dont Use Any Cheats!

    But To Be Honest I Dont Really Pay Attention To My Criminal Rating Because i dont Think The Game Is Fun When You Dont Go On Rampages And Steal cars.

    See Ya Around

    [[ 10 Dimensions ]]

  4. Hey Guys!

    I Would Love to become member of the USPD (United States Police Departmet) Because I Wreckon It Would be Kool, Plus if You Want I Can Get Loads Of My Mates To Join. Well Its Up To Yo To Decide.

    See Ya Around

    [[10 Dimensions ]]

  5. Hey Mate!

    Awesome Vid if i might say :coolthumbup: ! I Found It Kool that you have only been stunting for 2 days that makes it better. Now what you could do is look for simple things aswell because most of the tme the simple things are best. so Yeah I will Give your Video A 5* Rating. Cant Wait to see more If you make some =] !

    Well Done Mate !

    [[10 Dimensions ]]

  6. Hey Mate! I got A Good Stunt For you. It Looks really Awesome But Just Needs Some Practaice of landing It.

    In Little Havana Near The Airport ThereIs A Car Shop That You Own After the Missions. Well Anyways Right opposite that Is A Fence with a ramped shape Pavment. You Need To Hit that Pavement As Fast As You Can On A Bike (It Works Best On a PCJ 600) And If Done Correctly You Will Do At Least 1 flip and 360 Degrees Turn (AT LEAST)! As I aid Practaice it And It Will Look Good In Front Of Your Mates.

    See Ya Around

    [[ 10 Dimensions ]]