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  1. I learned that I'm thankful the pilot who flys the plane I'm in is not doing it using an oversensitive joypad.

    I also learned that life would be much different if I could drive into a spray paint shop and lose all police attention I had gathered from killing scores of people and blowing up several dozen vehicles with a rocket launcher.

    I also learned that strippers actually wear clothing and there is no nudity even during a private lap dance that I paid $100 for.

  2. Los Santos for sure. So much to do and see there. LV is really pretty boring and I just got there. I do like the desert areas but I like the whole LS area. SF is cool too but it's kind of small in comparison to LS or at least it feels smaller. SF is a very fun area though. I really enjoyed all the missions there. But as towns go LS by a long shot.

  3. I'm playing through now for the first time. I have the PC version. I'm in LV now. It's really an awesome game. So many small details. I'm constantly amazed by all the features they managed to cram into it. I love all the characters in the game. Great story so far. I've spent a lot of time doing side missions and completing the different schools. Lots of great challenges in the game. It really makes me want to see what they've done in GTA IV especially with the improved graphics.

  4. Children are generally seen as the epitome of purity and innocence in our society. They are highly protected and are thought of as our future. People generally have the feeling they have done nothing deserving of death and that anything done against a child is the vilest of evil. Of course with 3rd graders plotting to kill their teacher and 14 year olds beating each other up on youtube the lines blur more and more all the time.

    Still killing children, or just having children, in an already controversial game would not be well accepted by society in general and I'm sure R* has enough to deal with just passing the content they already include.

    Some of us understand this is only a game and nothing more but not eveyone sees it that way. Some people also do become affected by playing such games and act out in real life what they do in the game. Any game maker that makes such games is definitely walking a thin line. They want to give the gamers what they want but they also have to have it be acceptable to the public or it will get pulled off the shelves and they won't make any money.

  5. I'm sorry if this has been covered before but the searches I did turned up nothing. I was wondering if there were any other properties like the RC Shop that make money for you and where they are located. I have looked around but most of the property faqs I see only cover the houses and other properties you can buy that are considered safe houses. I'm sure they wouldn't just put in the one money making property but I can't seem to find any others. Thanks for any help on this.