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  1. When I did it I had the same trouble, but what I did eventually was get high in the plane, then when you see the marker go almost straight down towards the circle thing above it. Because you get more speed when your higher and then you go down. :coolthumbup:

    Hope this helps you,


    thanks alot it worked but now i am stuck in the n.o.e mission and in the car wishlist mission called test drive where you have to follow ceasar,i always loose him when he goes down the hill and in the n.o.e mission i cant fly that airplane at all and im a good ppilot is there any trainer that would help me? or cheats?

  2. Maybe try to do the mission a couple of times.

    Or maybe the cars are just invisible?

    umm this si like the 90th time ive tried to do the mission and arent there supposed to be some russian outside thier cars shooting at me..and thier not there either i shoot and nothing idk whats going on and does anybody have a save file with the los santos mission done or the san fierro ones i can have? and i have v.2 and downgraded it to v.1 so either one can work i guess

  3. this is a MAJOR problem ive been having for a few weeks cuz my pc game has been messing up big time first i pass most mission till the monster truck one then my file gets erased so i start again now im on the "just business" mission and the part where you get on the motorcycle with big smoke and he stops where 2 cars are supposed to be arent there anymore so i dont have anything to shoot at and smoke doesnt make the bike go and it stays like that forever.

    i have used mods but i took the off and re-installed gta i dont have a clue whats going on please help :bashhead::pissedred: