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  1. no lol im not talking bout changing the graphics 'card'

    Just changing the 'graphics driver'

    i think thats wat stuffed it all up in the first place

    oh also...

    i am not allowed to format the pc to xp (family pc, best one in house)

  2. Well i've done some research and a lot of people using vista have the same problem as me. (im on vista by the way)

    Recently ive changed the display adapter drivers.

    I've also reinstalled it, deleted the gta.set (gta user files), put gta sa to xp compatibility mode, and i have no mods

    Everytime i start gta sa mp the screen starts, then as soon as it connects to the server it freezes and i have to close it with ctrl+ alt+ delte

    No matter what server i go into its always like that

    When i go into san andreas (new game, i deleted all my save games), it will either take 5mins to freeze and not respond or it will freeze as soon as i get into the game

    I played san andreas for like half a year on the vista pc before it started stuffing up, so it wasnt always like it is

    So can any of you please help, if you need my pc details i can give em to you


  3. wow i didnt know SAMI doesnt do things right,

    ill remember that,

    for now im gonna do what you said,

    get back to you if it works/doesnt

    NOPE doesnt work, i used crap cleaner and everything u said and it still keeps freezing

  4. Hi everyone, :thumbsup:

    I recently bought gta san andreas and when i got it i heard about vehcile modding. So i went straight ahead :thumbsdown: , downloaded SAMI and heaps of mods and made my gta full of awesome cars. Everything went fine for a while, but then every time i went into san andreas it would start, then freeze straight away! :pissedred: I also have gta sa mp (san andreas multiplayer) and even when i go into that it freezes straight away! I deleted all the mods and reinstalled san andreas a couple of times but still ive got the same problem.... :cry: Ive heard about some people who have the same problem and they just downgrade, but my san andreas is version 1 so i cant downgrade (i think). So could someone please help me out?

    Thanx a lot

    Gta: version 1

    Modded: not anymore

    Problem: Freezes as soon as i enter


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