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  1. Ok, so after about 4 hours of yelling at my school 2 of my friends say he's russian, and i say that he is a Mix of Bosnian and Serbian.

    My thoughts are that, He speaks the mix of the languages, I CAN UNDERSTAND IT, Parents are Croatian, Very close Language, And he says "The boys from the village" And i did some bad things in the war for bad people, He's Talking about the YugoSlavia break up 10 years ago(presuming the game is based in 2008)

    So, IS he a Russian or a Mix of Bosnian/Serbian?

    EDIT: and yes, I am fully aware that there was probably a topic but i want to make it clear to me.

    hes actully serb.theres a movie of him and i hav it and its called behind enemys line.and its about the bosnian war and like the serbs are like trying to take over the town. so yeaa hes serbian :)

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