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  1. Thanks a lot ;) I've re-instaled the Imgtool and now it's working just fine

    About the handling that you mention I don't even dare to mess with it anymore, last time I broke the game :S

    I figured as much about the doors thing in the car mods, now I can have two cars that were made to mod the same one ^^

    I'll see ya in the next doubt I have lol

  2. Hi everyone =)

    I've got a couple of questions. My img.tool isn't working right, when I used it in the first time it went well, then I had to re-install the game and now it's not replacing anything... Can you tell me why?

    And can I mod a car that I'm not supposed to? Like, insted of moding a turismo into a BMW, can I mod a sentinel?

    Thanks for reading ;)

  3. Hi everyone =)

    I'm new at this and I don't know if it can be done but, can someone make a MOD or knows about one that changes the way of holding the pistols?

    I mean, it's just weird, they just point it at the person with their arm stretched..

    My goal was to see it being held more like Jack Bauer =) eheh

    If it's not doable it's fine =) Can someone help me?

    Thanks a lot ;)

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