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  1. post-7849-1165430466_thumb.jpgHello guys

    Wht's up :D:thumbsup:

    Do u want 2 download my new mods 4 SanAndreas lovers

    Here is the link - addondb.com name - SwapniL_alias_MAX

    mod fs are

    1 Cars from popular games (NFS, HALF-LIFE,FAR-CRY, HALO & SAN-ANDREAS)

    2 Sacred Blue Ocean

    3 Doom freak CJ

    Download n ve fun.

    Suggestions, replies or comments are welcome.

  2. Sorry

    Plz consider this is just a suggestion to notice u.

    Other wise u guys 'll tell me tht I'm always posting comments or errors

    I've just tried 2 submit my new & very smalltime mod

    n I got this msg --

    Submit A Modification

    Error: No file was uploaded, or file was too big

    If this prob isn't from ur side then plz tell me dont warn.

    Else I've to check my net connection or troubleshoot on my way.



  3. Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: No such file or directory in /home2/thegtapl/public_html/potd/index.php on line 81

    Warning: getimagesize(/home2/thegtapl/public_html/images/potd/1164566992.jpg) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/thegtapl/public_html/potd/index.php on line 82

    Warning: imagecreatefromjpeg(/home2/thegtapl/public_html/images/potd/1164566992.jpg) [function.imagecreatefromjpeg]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/thegtapl/public_html/potd/index.php on line 37

    Problem In opening Source Image

    Wht about this msg. I've tried lot of time to upload my potd :bashhead:

  4. Man I also wanted to participate this third annual sexiest member competition

    but I 've some serious prob with my G'friend so I 'm li'l bit upset & the another main thing is my photoes (I think) looks bizzare when captured by that crappy convex camera. So the only thing is U can see my profile pic

    by the way i like Cris's pic , he seems to be a college boy on the admin's chair also spaz the great 2nd pic and the gta girl and kokane nice pics :whistle:B):blink:

  5. Hello :thumbsup:

    I'm havin' prob while attaching files.

    I wanted to show my setup's 3D images to Mr Cris.

    In the file attachment box it shows G space left 3.82mb but, when I added my jpeg pic n clicked on the attachment button just page refreshes but it wont show any images. It happens 2 to 3 times.

    Any solutions for this.

    (No warns plz) :mellow:

  6. Hello there

    Boss of gtaplace.com saying that he've small room, sounds diffrent. Well thn wht we members 've to say like smallest. :thumbsup:

    I also've a small bedroom where I've my HI END PC (well atleast I call it) on the dining table which is big enough so friends thinks tht I've large setup(well they think,I don't) cuz I 'm a 3D animator & gamer they think like that. Well I want my G room like below see the pic. I've modeled this setup in 3D studio MAX. How do ya find this? good or better

    Arrrrrrrguhhhhh, prob while attaching attachment pics OK I'll send u later

  7. I've uploaded(submitted) my 1st mod. All I got just a msg that - (SwapniLs5(cars)in1MOD2005978442.rar submitted!

    Thank you for submitting this modification to our database, an admin will hopefully approve of your submission soon. Click here to continue.)

    I think u should mention 1 thing i.e. once aproved by administrator your mod will be available for download within 72 hours.

    I got this kind of responce frm moddb.com so that I understand how much time it'll take.

    I'm eager to see my mod & wnt to download it by many peoples n members to see it works.

    Plz Think n REPLY

  8. Hey 'SpwngeBob'

    Dont worry

    It's certainly not ROCK* 's glitch

    It's a G' CARD bug.

    I suggest u 2 check out the following things

    1 Make sure u've set the options - display setting to 32 BIT not to 16 Bit,

    b4 starting game.If ya change the setting while gaming from 32 to 16 Bit

    thn ya'll might get the graphics corruption.( i've experienced although

    i've nVIDIA G card)

    2 Ya 've onboard G'card which is not worth for playin' G like SanAndreas

    I suggest u 2 spend some bucks & purchase new nVIDIA G'card and then


    By C ya :thumbsup:

  9. :thumbsup:;):hi:


    I'm SwapniL alias MAX

    I'm new

    I've recently uploaded my 1st mod

    Hope u'll see it sooner.

    Keep HELPING, REPLYING whenever u've TIME.

    I'd like to help u guys if ur probs within my game knowledge

    Have a GOOD TIME. :coolthumbup:

  10. post-7849-1163757531_thumb.jpgpost-7849-1163757569_thumb.jpg :coolthumbup::thumbsup:

    Hi Gangsta

    U want 2 capture the moments in games just use printscreen button on K'board

    & paste it in any photo editor OR use acdc like softwares to capture the pics.

    And this thing u like the MOST

    I've smalltime software FRAPS, I don't know if u aware of this but this is COOL. Check out for new version.

    I've captured some of the funny videos & pics (glitches) & wanted 2 upload it.

    If u want FRAPS i'll send u zip/rar file. Just mail me.

    See the pics

    1 CopBike is running, But who's driving?

    2 Cop is on the backseat behind me, just look at his face (poor guy)

  11. post-7849-1163698444_thumb.jpgpost-7849-1163698471_thumb.jpg:coolthumbup::thumbsup:

    Hello guys


    for REPLYING.

    The guy in front of cars (CJ) is not a japanese, it's me,myself, I mean I've used my pic to wrap onto his face (face off) & also used the WWE SuperStar BATISTA's torso pic to wrap onto CJ's torso & the DOOM 3 pic on his back. (IT's still under construction)

    Well, I just wanna know (HOW MUCH TIME IT'll TAKE IN GENERAL)


    I just want to apologize to MR. Cris, the reason is due to the slowdowns,traffic I thought tht my msg was unable to reach u, cuz when i've clicked the SEND button no msg I received like - msg send successfully. And i've also checked my sent items, it showed me 0 & my msg also not get saved.

    OK thats my Net prob. But again SORRY for TROUBLE.

    I hope u 'll do the best.

  12. post-7849-1163585628_thumb.jpgpost-7849-1163585649_thumb.jpg :coolthumbup:

    Hi guys

    I've recently uploaded(submitted) my 1st mod. All I got just a msg that - (SwapniLs5(cars)in1MOD2005978442.rar submitted!

    Thank you for submitting this modification to our database, an admin will hopefully approve of your submission soon. Click here to continue.)

    But wht next????

    I'm eager to see my mod & wnt to download to see it works.

    Since, I dont get any reply, I'm bit upset.

    Plz help me n REPLY

  13. post-7849-1163495202_thumb.jpg :coolthumbup: Hey guys, Im noob here

    I've recently submitted my 1st ever mod.

    I just wnna know that how long it'll take?

    When i'll be able 2 see my mod, where n how many times,days or years?

    I mean will I able to see my mod anytime (a year or more)

    Thanx for alllllll

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