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Found 2 results

  1. satan6667

    For Modders who hunt players

    here's a nice list of paranoid players you can go and mod and grief the hell out of them by following them session to session. they deserve all the punishment possible for harassing other crews and other players in the game. they go around killing players for no reason and also they go and destroy other crews and other's friendships. before you to hunt ingame after them, block their names and refrain from any communication by them or random messages from alt accounts of these players. here's the list of names with SC ID#'s: *1kaybee1: 78278559 *Dropbear-1cd0: 103120443 *Drxpbear-1CDO: 159065077 *GiorgioS444: 101081133 *TheChiefThief: 41091122 *J_Bond_007: 93290697 *King_Rick: 114098232 *King_Richard_I: 153568464 *Lucius_Wagner: 121446231 *Blutbath666: 121127357 *AstarxthTheSlain: 148987131 *bmk_c7: 4726947 *DarkmanSLO: 122371400 *IlIllIIIllIIlIlI: 91488428 (spec crew) *King_Vortigern: 118543420 *VForVxndxtta: 122224086 *Mr_AlecTrevelyan: 121423883 *Fredric08: 89552450 *Suweren331: 87698244 *-James_Edwards-: 132178730 *Ego_Regiis_Kaze: 123126664 *Killerdelphia: 133747856 *Cry_For_Me: 114116645 *Its_time_to_cry_: 156398579 *Sing_4_Me_: 140534209 *Magna_Gorgonzola: 79978849 *0ne_Of_many: 109490472 *suckmywiIIy: 124577115 *the_allseeingeye: 156563856 *GforGodmode: 127678227 *give-us-a-kissx3: 64550536 *MegaBeeld: 74163259 *GigaBeeld: 165748309 *Cryhardo: 27068458 *DestrxctiveXV: 162198534 *Aztarxth: 171797288 *IlllIIIllIIIl: 165894226 *-Agent-Bourne-: 170149462 *AusieBeatz: 114685708 * _Uknown1: 95863445 *NVMTEE: 24371663 *slybabyx: 97153177 *c0lt0n01-1CD0: 141672994 *Amici_Vitae: 132253759 *Apollxn: 125562424 *KoalaDaBear: 82878007
  2. While there is no hunting, we create one.Everyone is welcome. Is the slogan, we are a team of multicultural and international hunters, we always seek a beautiful and fun hunt, we work together to achieve the best. We're recruiting, no matter who, only matters who is prepared to have fun and a good deer meat at dinner. Also, to achieve at least 30 members, every Saturday will have a hunting event in Paleto forest. This is your link, http://rsg.ms/1h7MQX1. Join and Enjoy. SeekerReaper.