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Found 1 result

  1. Guys, I'm pretty sure we did do a speculation starter thread for PC or laptop gaming results with GTA5 for PC, but I had planned to see what Intel delivers next for a new build up, and sale of my original H55 based Biostar/CoolerMaster rig. I had bought a used 8800 nVidia Geforce Ultra that turned out to be near DOA, works but with tons of artifacts on screen. Could get repaired, but by now, fairly out-dated. The other morning (VERY early) I went out to restock my drinks, and as I was coming in, had a feeling I should check the dumpster (by the door actually!) and sure enough, someone had thrown a PC in, partially cannabilized, as it turns out in setting it up for testing with it's missing parts coming from my own over-stock... I found the CPU alone is worth $200 on EBay!!!! The machine is an HP Elite desktop, in poor shape case wise, but basically a bare-bones build since the interior parts remaining were the mobo, PSU, and wiring... sans SATA cable and optical/HDDs. After a good cleaning, I fired it up and ran spec check software, turns out due to one bad fan, they seemingly tossed the rig away!! The model has a 6 core 2010 dated CPU, the Phenom II x6 1100T model, that's 3.3Ghz and 6MB L3 cache, according to the software, it has a 3MB L2 cache, maybe accounting for the higher pricing on eBay, compared to other Phenoms. I normally would stay with Intel, but this affords either a build of the 6 core CPU AMD system or selling it with other gear to build another rig. I'll likely offer it for sale and build it as I go... until it sells. DDR3 in four slots allows only 16GB maximum, but still not bad, Firewire support, 6 SATA slots, plenty of USB (no 3.0 on this one though) and 460-480 watt power supply. The CPU is 128 watts IIRC so it's the higher of the two introduced (95 watt for the lower power version) and according to CPU-World in multi-threaded apps like GTA5, the AMD might even out-perform a lesser Core I7!! Their comparison states that the Core i7 might out perform the AMD with single threaded applications, however. I actually had a enough spare DDR3 to fill the board with 6GB of 1333Mhz RAM. Just need the right PCI-express graphics for this bad boy. The 1050Z Hewlett Packard originally shipped with a BluRay drive, and I still have the first recorder (Pioneer) that I bought, so even that can go into the system (a standard LG multi-recorder as well). Who ever had the system last managed to bend the upper half of the casing trying to remove their hard drives and opticals and the closing panels and front were missing, but all in all, not to shabby a find for FREE! The PSU or Power Supply Unit is HP factory branded OEM with the system, and lacks two 6 pin graphics card power plugs, however, I did find it had one that had never been used (originally an ATI Radeon HD6670 was shipped with this)
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