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i need help whit 2 things


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1.Can someone tell me how to add cams to the game

2. what program do i need to have to make cars on the gta games

1. what do you mean by "cams"?

2. you will need a modeling tool. the best is 3dsmax 9, but it costs in the region of $1000, unless you get it the.. alternative way, which i strongly discourage. or you can use its younger brother Gmax, it has the same basic modeling elements of 3dsmax, but best of all its free.

remember though, you wont be able to just make a car over night, it takes a lot of patience and a certain amount of skill. you will need to learn the basics first, and start off with making simple mods, its a good way to practice and increase your skills.

good luck, man

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