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Desert Fox

Claude Unmasked (Part 2)

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After 8-Ball introduces Luigi to Claude he offers him work after some work for Luigi Claude meets a good friend of Luigi's named Joey he is a mechanic who is the son of Salvatorie Leon head of the Leon Family Mafia. Once Claude gets involved with most of Portland's scum he ends up on the bad side of Salvatorie and is told by Salvatorie's goldigging girlfriend Marie that the Leon Family is planning to kill you so you must assassinate the don himself to save your own soul. After you kill him Marie has a place for you to hideout at in Staunton Island and you meet Asuka who is the sister of Kenji Kasen who is head of the Yakuza. He befriends you and gives you work but unforchunately all things must come to an end and you have to kill Kenji and make it look like a Columbian Cartel job to fuel a war between the Yakuza and the Cartel. After some more run-in's with petty crooks and important figures you finally catch up with Catalina the woman who left you for dead and as they say ''Revenge is a dish best served cold'' and lets just say Catalina is sleepin with the fishes and Claude finally feels some closure.

P.S.-If i missed anything or you have questions or concerns feel free to message me or post on this topic.

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