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Hi all,

I'm a n00b here, I'm hoping this isn't a duplicate post or an obvious question. (I've searched the multiplayer forum for "score" and "money" without an answer so far.)

The GTA IV scoring system - the amount of money a team has - doesn't always relate to the number of kills you make. Naturally, I'm not talking about the odd $16 or $17 amounts that you pick up after you make a kill; I'm talking about huge discrepancies between the number of kills and your team score.

An example:

I joined a $25,000 limit TDM game. I was playing in a team of two, against three other teams with 1, 2 and 3 players in respectively - so there were 8 players altogether. We ended up winning the match: my teammate got 103 kills, I got 53 (yeah, I suck). So, aside from the odd dollar amounts that you pick up when players die, which probably amounted to maybe an extra $2,000 for me and my teammate, the figures don't add up.

We should have gained (103 + 53) * $100 = $15,600, right? Nope. We won the match, exceeding the $25,000. There's NO WAY we could have picked up nearly $10,000 in cash left behind when players are killed, so how does this work?

Another example:

I was in a team by myself, against a team of 3 and a team of 2. I had made about 8 kills during the game and yet my score was already $2200 --- how?

This isn't a complaint, but I'd like to understand how the money is figured out. I'm assuming it's because there's some sort of balancing system in place that means smaller teams somehow get awarded more money per kill.



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