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Anyone else had enough of random crashes?


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I'll just be playing the game and all of a sudden... BAM! the game freezes, I lose all my progress since my last save and I break another damn keyboard. Anyone else sick of this?

The latest one I got was this:

 Critical runtime problem

Problem signature:
 Problem Event Name:	APPLICATION CRASH
 System RAM:	2147483647
 Available RAM:	1612963840
 Number of CPUs:	2
 Video Card Manufacturer:	ATI Technologies Inc.
 Video Card Description:	ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series
 Video Card Driver Version:	7.15.0010.0163
 OS Version:	6.0.6001.
 Locale ID:	2057

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This seems to be the most common crash.

I've also had the problem where whenever I try to load up the mission 'payback' (just before the chase) the game takes literally 2 hours or so to load.

In fact, I've had enough of these bugs altogether. Console gamers don't get them. I can't play online without a crash every couple of minutes, I sometimes get blank textures instead of roads, and occasionally I'll be driving along and my car will flip randomly because I hit an invisible object.

Oh, guess what I nearly forgot to add? Another feature which I bought the game for is Independance FM. Can I use it? Well yes, but I'm not prepared to sacrifice (relative) stability for a few of my own songs. I get random freezes and crashes between songs regularly.

Are Rockstar even working on a patch? I haven't heard anything and I'm starting to get pissed of that my experience of what could be the greatest game I've ever played is being constantly ruined by this shit. I had to sit through that painful installation process 7 times, the least they could do is make the game actually work once I got it running. I have no issues with the graphics, I have no issues with the requirements, I have no issues with the game at all. I just want it to bloody work.

Excuse me while I pick up the pieces of my latest keyboard.

Edit: before anyone flames me for making a pointless thread: my question is a simple one. I just want to know whether Rockstar are doing anything to sort out these problems.

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This is far from pointless & thanks for the headsup, I'll stick w/ my X360 version. It's disappointing that the PC

version has so many tech problems because I was really looking forward to modding the revamped Liberty.

Again, thanks for the heads up. I know it doesn't help you but it saved me a chunk of cash.

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