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Help with GTA:SA

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I bought GTA sa from wal-mart a few years ago. I still have the computer I installed it on, so I decided to start playing again. I took the gta sa folder off of my old hard drive an put it on my new computer. The problem is I don't have the disc anymore. So I searched around online to see if there was a way to play with no cd and I came across a forum topic talking about. There was a download link there for a gtasa.exe that would work without a cd. It was supposedly legal so I figured it was. After I downloaded it I deleted my old gtasa.exe and replaced it with the new one I downloaded. Instead of putting it in the recycle bin it just went off my computer completely. I have a few mods on gta sa so when I start to load a new game it crashes in the middle. So I did some more searching and found a patch. I downloaded that and it says I have an unknown version of gta sa. How can I fix this?


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