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need GTA IV special car


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i dont know how to talk about GTA IV car model so i post here.

the rare car im asking , i saw it in only 1 game and its COD4.

i want a chevette 1986 ( the nice one , hatch back ) !

in my life , i owned 6 chevette and 2 had a boosted 350 .

don't know other country but in canada its the 2nd most searched car !

it's the same model from 80 to 87.

engine is 1.6L or 1.8L diesel.

there was automatic and manual model . ( " scooter " for manual ) like chevrolet chevette scooter 1986...

here some pics of the 86 chevette i want for GTA IV.





if possible , i would like to have it all black with dual white stripe on the middle like all mine was.

can anyone make it for me please ?

it can replace the blista compact ! ( a way slower but only the model would be so nice from you )

big thank

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