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SA MP Server [Real Roleplay]


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Welcome to Real Roleplay Gaming

General Information

Hostname : Real Roleplay Gaming

Map : Los Santos

Version : 0.3a

Script : Real RP - 5.01 Rev

Type : Roleplay

Website : [ Under construction ]


There are much factions in the server, some of them are Legal, and some illegal!

Legal Factions / Government

We got Los Santos Police Departament, FBI, Government, Los Santos EMS, and News.

Illegal Factions

Also, there are much illegal factions, i wont tell them all , but theres few : Yakuza, Grove St., Ballas, Italian Mafia, Russian mafia, and much more!

Business ownership system

There are also business, some of them are cheap, but some - expensive. You can own one business at time.

Come in server, the administration will be waiting for You!

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