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My 1st book


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Tom Clancy's Splinter cell

Hiding in the dark

By Jack House

To you that's just a cool site, but to splinter cell agents that's cover, which keeps them hidden from the enemy.

Splinter cell agents have the fifth freedom, or the right to use lethal force.

This story follows Jack House and Sam Fisher, and is my first attempt at writing a full book, so please leave comments .


Sam Fisher, ruthless agent, gone rouge possibly.

Assistant Director Williams- Leader of the Splinter Cell division, Priorities unknown.

Irving Lambert- mission director for the Splinter Cell division

Welcome to the NSA, New agent, there is only one more thing you must remember:

If captured and or killed, the knowledge of you and anyone else you know will be completely erased, meaning you never existed.

I didn't know if i was ready or not, it was a once in a lifetime job, but if I die I’ll be erased? It doesn't sound that great, but I will at least try the test.

Name: Jack House

Age: 22

Criminal offenses: None.

That was too easy, I thought as Lambert took my test and started to make red marks all over it. Had I missed a page? I was always in a hurry even at age 19, but by now, you'd think I grew out of it.

"Nice, nice. You passed, meet me in the dark room." He said

"Yes sir!" I said.

"And don't worry about that "yes sir" crap ok?"

"Sir yes. I mean sure."

"You'll be working to track down former agent Sam Fisher, alright?" He asked, "Sources say he's looking for his daughters killer." Lambert handed me my mission prep, and told me to read over it, and get some sleep.

Chapter 1: The darkness of the light

"Welcome to Italy, can I..." The man never finished his sentence, Sam Fisher moved up, he approached a room full of police officers, all American, so they would be ready to kill him, he needed a plan.

Jack House entered the same room from an opposite side, he jumped onto a pipe, and contacted Lambert.

"Do I have the fifth freedom during this mission?" He asked

"Not unless fired upon, do you see Sam?" Lambert replied

The channel went beep beep, meaning that Lambert needed to remain silent for a moment.

Sam was slowly moving up, with an emp grenade in his hands, he threw it, Jack heard two gunshots, and the room was clear, but a bullet hit the pipe he was on.

"Friendly fire! Sam it's the NSA, hold your..."

Another shot came and before he knew it, Jack was getting a little scared, but luckily 24 NSA agents busted in, and Sam dropped his gun, and they arrested him, but Jack had failed and he knew it, Lambert knew it, and Unfortunately Williams knew it.

When Jack returned to base, he was approached by Williams, and was hoping he wasn't fired.

Chapter 2: NSA has it's reasons...

"The mountains above are the secret base of the NSA, see the spot nearest on the right side? That's the secret entrance." Lambert had told me, as we approached it.

“So will I be fired sir?” I asked nervous and as scared as hell.

“Fired? Jack if I fired a man every time he failed, I’d have no men in the NSA.” Lambert replied.

We walked up to the door, as he put in a password I inspected a rock.

“Don’t touch that kid.” He said, but it was far too late, I grabbed it and the rock beeped four times, before it exploded. I blacked out.

“Will he be okay?” Lambert was saying, but I was struggling to understand.

“Yes he will. He just has a bruise or two.” The nice nurse said. I awoke.

“Look who’s up, come I’ve got a job for you.” He said


Sam Fisher was in a war zone, the Italian army was fighting the American army, and Sam remembered how it happened. Sam was still in the seals, the year was 1993, and Sam had knocked out an American soldier for lying, but another one saw it, thought it was the gang of Italian Mafioso near by, and declared war, he lived up to that promise.

Sam was looking for something. Why else would he be in a war zone? But he didn’t know what for, he was just following the path give to him, of course he had control, but very little, currently he was crawling through a trench in a Ghille suit, and the scary part was he couldn’t remember how he got the suit.

Back at NSA headquarters Jack was getting briefed.

“He got a Ghille suit from this area, he robbed the man of it, but the problem is we can’t find the man.” He said, “So we need you to find him and interrogate him, picture on your opsat.” He said. “Is the sniper in the water or on the cliff?” I asked

“I don’t know.” He said.

I was sent in via water, and was near the hole leading me to the mountains above. I could see the multi colored fish below me, and was pondering if this was a good idea, what if there is sharks?

Meanwhile back at the war zone Sam had sniped three men, and knifed another, he was now moving towards the goal, which he didn’t know what that was for sure, but he was on the case. Him and “his goal” were really close, he could tell as he came near a building with a good number of guards. He approached and saw his old friend Anna Grimsdottir, who was fired for helping Fisher escape from Third Echelon. He approached her.

“What are you doing here?” Sam asked, as Anna pulled out a gun and shot Fisher in the leg.

Jack was now on the top of the cliff and was looking for the guard, as he was walking he saw him, and ran to try to help the hurt man, but as he ran, he slipped off the cliff.

As Sam awoke, he was in a dark room, and had no idea who was standing in front of him, but he did know that the person was punching him, leaving deep bleeding scars, and painful bruises.

“Now, who are you?” The man asked.

“Sam Fisher, and you?” Sam answered.

“Hisham Hamza.”

Hisham Hamza was Sam’s retired special ops friend, and was a good one at that.

Meanwhile Jack was holding on by a finger, and he was slipping, he was going to die if he landed on the sharp rocks below. Well at least the air smelled good. He was really close to peeing himself, when a stranger grabbed him pulled him up, and then knocked him out with his bare hands.

As Jack awoke he was tied up, with a man aiming a pistol, he slowly pulled up his opsat.

Alcohol levels: .008

Guns and weapons on the Man/Woman: 9mm silenced, and a knife.

Condition: Slowly dying, and nervous.

He shot my opsat.

“Now who are you?’ It sounded awfully familiar.

“Sam, is that really you? You look like a-”

“Hobo? I know, haven’t been able to shave recently.”

“So why are you here?”

“I’m chasing a stolen item of mine, well at least I want to steal it.”

“What? Is it your opsat.”

“Well now there is two things, that and my Night Vision goggles.”

“I can get you in, just go in as my prisoner, here put these cuffs on.”

Sam put them on, then was approached by a guard, and that guard inspected him.

“Let me try something first.” The guard said, and punched Sam Fisher causing a nerve in his tooth to scratch like a chalkboard.

“Go on with him John- Hamza secret fake name-but be careful with the little teddy bear.”

‘Sam, did you ever find your daughters killer?” He asked

“No, but I’m trying again.” Sam said, and another inmate came near.

“fresh meat huh, well it’s play time any way.”

“Sam you may have to find your own way around to get your goggles.”

“I figured.”

“What’s your name!” The sniper yelled once more.

“Jack, I was sent to help, reports say a man hurt you!” I was nervous, but prepared for anything.

“Well, got a communication device to prove your little lie?” he asked.

“Yeah as a matter of fact it’s right in front of me, can you-”

“Yeah I’ll take it.” When he bent over Jack kicked him in the face, and his gun flew into the water, Jack then took the man’s knife, and cut himself free. Afterwards Jack came close to the man, who had a white piece of bone coming out of his nose. Jack ran towards him, and pushed the man off the cliff, who hit a point and had rocks going straight through his chest, Jack then dived after the gun.

Chapter 3: Staying the night.

Sam was put in a cell, and was reminded of Ellsworth Penitentiary.

An unknown man came from the Shadows. But The NSA knew him as Jacob belicc, leader of the Italian army, but was thrown in American jail, he was counted on four counts of murdering defenseless old American ladies. Sam didn’t know him, but he knew Sam.

Profile Information jumped on Sam’s opsat.



Wanted in Mexico.

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