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-{ Las Vegas Mafia Stories Roleplay }-

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Welcome and enjoy our Community

IP Address:

Forum: http://lasvegasmafiaroleplay.tk

Features and Updates

This is a list of some of the best features on Las Vegas Mafia Roleplay.

ºFaction Systemº

ºLegal Sideº

- S.D.C.

This is the Deliver Company. Company workers have accesses to restock any kind of business.

- L.V.P.D

This is the Las Vegas Police Department. Police officers have accesses to send backup signals to radios.

-S.A Special Force

The San Andreas Special Force is a very serious faction. Their job is to make the city a safer place by eliminating the Mafias.


The Goverment is a group of people with high IQs that can help the Mayor run the city of Las Vegas. Also high rank members can set the taxes of phone(sms,calls), medicals and business tax. (/settax)

ºIllegal Sideº

- Hitman Agency.

- Corleone Family.

- Tattaglia Family.

- Stracci Family.

- Cuneo Family.

- Barzini Family.

- Paterno Family.

- Leone Family.

ºOther Systemsº

ºHouse System - We have over 200 Houses across LV. House owners are able to edit their renting price, set the house sell price and enable/disable Renting.

ºBusiness System - We have over 100 Business across LV. Business owners are able to edit their entrance price, set the business sell price.

ºJob System: BodyGuard - Taxi Driver - Drug Dealer - Gun Dealer - Car Jackers - Mechanic;

ºBank System: We have a very simple banking systems with commands such as /withdraw, /deposit and /balance.

ºRadio System: Radio can be bought at any local 24/7's and it makes you talk with your faction members/friends more easier.

ºLaptop System: The laptop system is to keep everything in a faction organized and up to date. The Laptop has a news feature where only the leaders of the faction can set news for other members to see. You can also check out the current members online in the faction and the factions stocks.

ºName on/off System: This is a command only for Donators or people with the minimum level of 20. This command will hide your IG name. (prevent Metagame)

ºStock System: The Quary is one of the most important place in our server. The Quary is the place where we keep all stocks such as weapons, alcohol and stuff. These stocks are needed to restock the businesses by the Delivery Company. The Company workers take the stocks from the quary and stock them in the businesses. In order to take the stocks, the players will need to deliver them with a unique way. For more info, contact a high leveled player IG or an admin.

ºPhonebook System: A phonebook can be bought at any local 24-7's. With a phonebook, you can find anyone's number by simply doing /number [Name/ID]

ºVote System: Each player can vote one of the two candidates for Mayor of Las Vegas; [Democratic/Republican]

ºRace System: Admins can start/stop a race where you can earn some cash.

ºThere are more and more features you can find then In Gameº

ºContact: [email protected]º

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