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I Need Help Creating Something For GTA SA


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I want to make a mod but I don’t know how. I have little experience with .txd workshop but at least some. I know about CLEO but again not much, if someone could give me the tools I need to do this I could really make a good mod.

I am very committed and have time, but I need help getting the tools I need to make this work!

I also know A LOT about skateboards and boarding so I know positions a stances for tricks

Things I may need to make this work (if you know of something I need please post a link here)

probably something to edit or make .txd and .dff files (like for the skin and shape of board)

another thing that might go in same category A program to make sure the board is under his feet (not to the left of him)

I need to be able to make a skin for a board

I need to be able to make animations (like for stances and tricks)(like make him move his feet and body)

A program to make him get on/off the board (like you would get in a car)

also might be in the same category Make him be able to carry a board it like a weapon(like a knife or bat cane,)

A program to install noises for the board ( I would get the noises or make the my self (ha-ha but really)

I need a Program, to program button to do certain things(like on a bike shift is bunny hop)

I would make buttons like pop shove it, and kick flip, switch tricks, combos of buttons to do varials and hard flips and other buttons for grinds.

A program so I can preview the Mods I do

Maybe a Program that lets me take movements from another game and make C.J. do them (like a skate game)(maybe maybe not this one)

A program to add a new object onto the game (like the board)

A program to set limits for falling (like you would fall on a bike by doing a wheelie to far back, instead of that it would if he did a trick too late or manualing to much, then he just falls)

These are things I need and I am sure these programs exist I just don’t know where they are I will even make a You Tube account and I will look at videos and look at all things that are possible (like making my own animations) for a better understanding of what I need

If you don’t understand some of the things I need or (know of something I need) please tell me and I will try to rephrase my sentence

like I said, I am VERY committed and a lot of people would enjoy this Mod/CLEO Mod

Thanks for your help,

Izzy_seant :):mellow:

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