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rapid fire in buzzard?

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I have a question, every time i battle or dogfight people buzzard to buzzard 90 percent of the time i win becuase i can fly, but sometimes people literally shoot me out in two seconds. As soon as their bullets line up with me one time i die, and i know its not a headshot. Im playing tbogt on ps3 so i dont think its possible to mod bullet strength because honestly you cant play online unless you have the 3.50 update. Im thinking that they are using a rapid fire controller because the other day i beat someone who was using whatever advantage and after he sent me a message asking me if i had a rapid fire mod. I was like hell no but of course he wouldnt say he was either lol. The point is, im wondering if a rapid fire controller would work in the buzzard or not because of its fixed stream of bullets. If it does then thats how im losing to people who literally arent better than me. I appreciate any responses because ive heard that it does and doesnt work in the buzzard and i want to know for sure. Thanks alot, tha_gta_king -ps3 Id

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