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KWS Barron

Mature Professional TBOGT POLICE CLAN needs members

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If anyone hasn't noticed yet, GTA IV is a great game to base police operations off of. I have taken the liberty of starting my own professional police clan called the Liberty City Emergency Forces. We only accept people 15 years of age or older and they must be mature. Training is based off of real world police courses and will benefit everyone in the field in the end. The ranking structure actually makes sense unlike some other clan and there is no favoritism or biased decisions that can be found at times in other clans which everyone doesn't want to deal with. We have divisions such as Aviation, SWAT and even a Detective Bureau that helps increase the realism of the clan. All events are based off of Eastern time around 5:00 PM EST usually unless stated otherwise. If anyone is wishing to join I urge you to message me or register on the forums and send in an application ASAP! Be advised however, since I plan of keeping the clan professional, only the best applications will be accepted followed by an interview. LCEF

---My Xbox Live Gamertag is KWS Barron

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