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[SA-MP] West Coast Role Play - [http://www.wc-rp.com]

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Server IP: server.wc-rp.com:7777

Website: http://www.wc-rp.com

Hello everyone. I would like to introduce this server to the large community of San Andreas Multiplayer.

Lets be honest. We're all picky when it comes to finding a server that is just right for us. It can even be the smallest thing that

would make a player quit a server. WCRP's goal is to minimize that to the best of our ability, and exceed maximum results. The server

offers options to the players that almost no other servers offer (keep reading or see for yourself).

Instead of listing everything the server has to offer, i will list things you will NOT, or RARELY see on regular servers:

Fully Customizable Accessories! (This includes bandannas, caps, hats, glasses).

Marijuana growing system (yes.. you can finally be a gardener.)

Car neon lights

Unique family system! Pick your family's name, HQ, interior, bank, lockers, rank names, vehicles, etc.

Vehicle Engine System + HUD

Car Dealership, Boat Dealership, Aircraft Dealership.

Store/Take things out of car trunks.

Take over zones of Los Santos with your family!

License plate system


Real police tasers, no more "rush tasering"

Actually drop your weapon

[/give] system

Health insurance system

Donater's Area

If you donate you will receive your prizes right after you donate, you won't even need to wait as the donating system is instant.

Some reasons on why you SHOULD join West Coast Role Play:

1) The server reduces the amount of Role Play noobs to the maximum, one way, is by using our quick custom role-play quiz before


2) Our server economy is correctly structured, in other words, you won't see people running around with 500M.

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