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Some new GTA Mods please

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Im looking for new mods for GTA, that DOESNT require that IMGTool thing.

Or if it does, a simple guide on how to use it, cause when ever I try to work with it, it doesnt help me...

Anyway, onto my suggestions for mods:

1. Cars Mod/repair - The regular places you can go to tune up ur car and add stuff, but with more options, like more cool wheels, like mabey 100x nitro, mabey some weed or somthing in the trunk, in wich you can acually access (or the trunk is useable to put guns or somthing in there) and other cool stuff, like mabey labergene doors, windows that can roll down, i donno... Some cool stuff

2. Game extentions - Somthing to do after you beat the game other then run around and spray up everywhere or whatever... Mabey like put turf wars back on, and after you beat the game, you can play turf wars as a diffrent gang, like ballas, or real life gangs like MS13, or Bloodz/Crips, or whatever

Mabey extra missions, like more helicopter missions or driving missions where ur in shotgun and someone else is driving (almost every mission in GTA, ur the driver, lets switch it up a bit) like bank roberys or somthing, if you want, you can play as a cop, or a fire fighter, paramedic, citizen, or whatever, mabey you can go make custom sprays and spray them wherever you want (not on the spray locations) just for fun?

3. Final mission after the Final Mission - I know this will be CRAZY HARD for anyone who wants to attempt to do this, and probly not worth the effort but... I was thinking of this for the longest time, like (if you can, even throw in some cut scenes/movies for this) CJ has earned enough respect, that (even tho throughout gameplay, ryder and big smoke, tenpeny and palasy die) tenpenny is back with a even bigger army, now as a military general, and palasky is chief of police, so now you got full stars while doing this, and they are NOT making it easy for you, but you got ur bro helping you out, and ryder, sweet, you, and 10 other gang members helping you out, and 5 + big smoke on watch, and the mission is called "The Final Stickup" and basicly, Big Smoke talks about how the military has a new base thats impossible to get to, unless you take a plane, ofcourse they got HEAVY air units, so you go to the airport and highjack a plane, not just any plane, a plane that can (theoreticly) hold literly 200 people, you, big smoke, ryder, sweet (your co-piolet), and 100 gang members, you fly to the military base, as ryder directs you from his memery, wich isnt verry good, cause hes high as always...

You arrive there (hopefully he rememberd) and the military is waiting for you, as they are shooting at ur plane that is already landed, you 4 huddle up (sweet, ryder, you, and big smoke) and talk about what they are going to steal and what that is, the list is:

- 25 Jet packs (after the mission, a jetpack spawn will be outside grove street, so will the rest of these items)

- 50 crates of guns and 50 crates of drugs (you know, gotta stay strapped and high!)

- 2 boxes (requires 2 people to lift) of military intelligence (after mission, the military will no longer want to harm you, because you know everythign they do now, and can become a military man if you want at any time, ofcourse since grove street is high, they wont know its you so... good luck getting back in ur house to change, also comes with military weapons and utilies, like spy goggles, flying hats, i donno... random stuff)

- 50 Super Armor (protects 60% of damage done to you while on, gives you a 3rd bar "Super Bar" (like how you have ur HP and armor bar, now u have ur HP, armor, and super bar) the super bar is 2x longer then your HP bar)

-20 tanks, 20 planes, 10 helicopters, 50 military uniforms (once again, this stuff will spawn in grove street when mission is done)

- 1 Military map of Los Santos (grove street)


After you complete the mission and get all thoes items, you celebrate back at grove street, late at night, and as your guys and freinds are unloading the plane, healing everyone who got hurt, fixing damages to the plane, ect, your looking at the blueprints of los santos (grove street) and relise there was a secret underground base under grove street all along... you access it by walking in the middle of grove street(just stand there for like 10 seconds) and the floor will slowly decend, when it does you will be in this like... tricked out spy room where all the items you stole are and can access it any time


4. Repeatables - Throw in some fun repeatable missions you can do again and again

5. Money Use and House Trickout - Put that money to use! after you take over a area, go buy places there, buiessnesses, malls, stores, houses, whatever, use it for whatever, blow it up if you want, but get that money to do somthing then just sit there...

Also house trickout, after you buy a house (just like the car mod shop, you can trick out ur car, same with the house, you can trick out ur house by "hiring" a "house painter") You can make ur house into a mansion, paint it gold, have it shine, have it make money for you somehow, have it accessable by gang members (so when u walk in, ull see some homies sometimes) possible to throw house partys, awesome sound systems, guns in every closet, wii, PS3, xbox, more games, whatever you want, to trick out ur house (ofcourse its gunna cost you...)

6. Secret Garage - Like in the 3rd one, with that mission, a much shorter easyer thing to do is, after you beat the game, have it so that the grove street floor is a secret underground base thing, that can store over 100 veichles, so you trick out a sick car, drive it to grove, place it in the secret garage, and can access it any time, its permently there until it is blown up INSIDE the secret garage, when you enter it will tell you how many cars out of 100 u have, so lets say you throw in 2 tanks, a cool BMX bike, and a rare tricked out car, when you go down there, it will say Cars: 4/100

7. Passenger mod - you can ride shotgun in other grove street members cars by holding down enter (or whatever your car key is) and shoot out of it, also with this, there is Car Damage mod, where you can see how much HP your car has

8. Gangsofemergancy - Like the stateofemergancy (State Of Emergancy) cheat, it makes everyone hate you and want to kill you and the town goes into sh*t, well this mod is sort of similar to that, but more related to gangs and guns, this is not a cheat (ofcourse) its a mod where:

you turn on the mod by "starting a turf war" kill 3 (or more) gang members (weather ur own or not) and then the skys will turn to night, ull hare sirens in the background, and everywhere you go ull see cops, and gangs from everywhere, and gang cars (like all purple cars are ballas, all black cars are the wu tang gang from chinatown, all green grove, yellow essays, ect)

and after you kill a gang member, they will drop there gang weapons, like lets say you kill those wu tang guys, they will drop AK, and katanas,military guys, they will drop rocketlaunchers, mabey a jetpack or somthing, you never know with them, and yeah... but ofcourse, the groove street is on ur side, so they wont try and kill you, and if you die (waisted, cant get busted, since the cops want to KILL you not jail you) then it will spawn you back into your house and when you walk outside, it just continues, but to make it easyer on the player, when you leave ur house, everyone is gone for 10 seconds, so you got 10 seconds to get a car and get ready, also when you enter a territory (like leave, and then go back to grove street or somthing) then there will be cars at every possible exit, wich you can hide behind, also there is a back door, front door, and roof exit you can take to leave your house

You can turn off this mod by just sitting in ur house for a bit, then it will start to turn day,

reload ur game or A game,

or save


Those are my ideas, tell me what you think, even if you cant make them, still the consept of if its cool or stupid, sorry for my spelling errors, and id REALLY like to see or find some cool car modding garage mods, thank you if you can help me on my search!

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