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Unique LAPD Clan

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A very well built and organised GTA IV LAPD Clan is Recruiting !

If you like a serious roleplaying clan then this clan is the one to join!

The staff are friendly and can help with you with mod support and in-game problems.

You get trained properly once you join the clan and can rank up from there on in. The patrols are held at regular time intervals (GMD) and are always full with people. In-game staff and other members help you through patrols with the radio talk, uniforms and Cars.

We have are own pack of cars and uniforms, most cars have been edited by members in our clan. We are open to car suggestions and any other improvments on the Teamspeak and on the website.

So if you want to join go to this website and fill in our quick and easy application !


Our teamspeak is: (you will get this upon joining the clan)

Our password is: (you will get this upon joining the clan)

If you want to join just post below that your going to fill the application.

Thank you !


Captain, S.W.A.T

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