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need help with gta3.img mods

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I was trying to install some mods, I deleted a dff file. I made a backup before I modded, but I messed up, I went to add in Commands of IMG Tool and accidentally loaded the backup i had of gta3.img. the I went and Uniinstall SA all together along with all files including appdata files (I have Windows 7 btw), and proceeded to re-install it. I made another backup. I've been installing mods for the past few days, I'm Trying that GTASAHD mod Now on the bottom right of ImgTool it shows I have 16,281 files. and on the backup it has 16,316 files.

What can I do? I really don't want to reinstall it and I DON'T want to add all those mods one by one again. IMGTool doesn't let me delete nor add multiple files at once, and I don't know if I can use SAMI. Because when I do it wants me to select both txd and dff files, but most of them don't match up. Like there's a lot of single txd or dff files. Can I still install them into sami without them matching up?

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