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Team: (RI) Royal Imports

Established year: 2012

Serious/Casual: Were both a serious and casual gaming crew. We race for fun but at the same time race other crews for there cars if we want.

Expectations: We play on GTA 4&5 and Midnight Club LA. Too join you need to have a ps3 and the following games. What I'm looking for in a member is some one who is at least be 16 or older with a mic and one of the following games. You also need to know how to race

Further Information: Need a crew co-leader getting the crew started. Royal Imports is a PS3 crew. Overall, RIcrew wants to be a home for those who want to belong to acommunity who gets along, enjoys each others company and wishes to be apart of something great. Are we a competitive crew? Absolutely, but most importantly, RI crew is afamily, a place where you will always feel welcome, a place where you will not find other people to game with, but aplace where you will find and make friends with. The larger we get, the more competitive and fun we have. The larger we get, the more popular we get




Name (Optional)

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What is your desired car

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Do you have a Headset?

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Time Zone

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What skills do you have?

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How often do you visit GTAForums?

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Have you been in any gangs before?

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Do you have Mods? (Be honest)

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Anything else you might want to add?

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