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501st Airborne unit [PSN crew]

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The 501st is a crew I created to do airborne type missions. It will be a small crew of 18 people or less. The whole crew itself will be spilt in to two teams Alpha Team and Bravo Team. There is a hierarchy structure in the crew to make managing the crew a little more simple, everyone will have a job to do for the crew for example. One person from each team will be a gunner so he/she uses the combat MG ect..(jobs will Chang depending on the situation and well because people like verity). so some role play will take place. Mission wise like to do R* created parachute jump and free mode jumps and some R* missions. We will also be doing created missions for the crew. Example one mission is to recover WMD, created in the capture mode it is intended for Co Op both alpha and Bravo team work together to push through hostile NPC (computer) guarding packages. I have a few more done and some more in the works [Open minded on playing other peoples creations] This is supposed to be a strong team based crew working together with a battle buddy system. [also good for when heists are released] If interested hit me up here on fourm or


Social club: B-TRON

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