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[LCPD:FR Clan] New York State Troopers (Emergency Services Roleplay)


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New York State Troopers





Welcome to the New York State Troopers. We are a Grand Theft Auto 4 clan which uses LCPD:FR and a series of other mods to create a realistic and professional role playing experience. We are a brand new clan looking for dedicated members looking to help form this community and have a good time.


What do we have to offer?


We have lots to offer! We have our own modpack which includes mods such as: LCPD:FR, Vehicle Models and Skins which are tailored to the NYST, APR (Automatic Plate Reader) Braveheart, and Police Helper. We hold Official Patrol every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 6:30PM EST (Time may change). We also have some scattered, less serious, un-official patrols. In our Official Patrols, we are professional and realistic in our Roleplay. Of course, we have our personal TS3 server so we can communicate. We use the TS server for Communication in Official Patrols. However, I hope it will grow to be a hotspot of everyday activity where members play games, talk, and socialize. We are not professional all the time, we (I hope) will also be social with each other outside of our patrols.


Our Divisions:


New York State Troopers (NYST)


Ambulance Service of New York (ASNY)


Fire Department of New York (FDNY)


Communications (Comms)


If you want to learn more about our Divisions, then head over to our website and use the navigation at the top to visit our division pages.


Our Website: http://nyst-clan.uphero.com/


Our TS3 Server: 2900005.ts3.mpgs.co


Our Policies and Manuals: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LdfSP5q-zFyzdGvsrSOa7vCsKSXl16-HO1L1hbqqnQA/edit


To ask us questions, visit our TS3 server.


To apply, visit our website (Start Your Career page) OR TS3 Server.


To learn more about us and our divisions, see our policies and manuals as well as our website.


Hope to see you soon.


  • Tanner T. (Founder and Director)


(We are in no way affiliated with the actual New York State Police, FDNY, NYPD, or any other Emergency Service)

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