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[LCPD:FR] Precision Roleplay - Roleplaying Community [Police, Fire, EMS, Dispatch]


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Who are we?


We are Precision Roleplay. We function using Grand Theft Auto IV and various game modifications such as LCPD:FR, vehicle models, and custom skins. We patrol and protect the City of Liberty together as Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, and Dispatchers. We strive for excellence, professionalism, and realism in our community as we play the roles of many brave men and women who go to work each day wondering what is in store.


What do we have to offer?


Here at Precision Roleplay, we have an unimaginable amount of things to offer to our members. We have multiple Divisions, Sub-Divisions, and Community Divisions for you to participate in. We also use a mod pack which is specially tailored to our community. As this modpack is constantly being updated, there is not a chance you will get bored in your time here.


What kind of divisions do you have?


Main and Sub-Divisions


  • LCPD

    • Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.)

    • Highway Enforcement for Aggressive Traffic (H.E.A.T.)


  • FDLC

    • Fire Rescue

    • Emergency Medical Services (E.M.S.)


  • Dispatch


Community Divisions


  • Recruitment Services

  • Internal Affairs

  • Media Department

  • Training Department


What kind of special training or Certifications can I receive?


  • Pilot Certification

  • Motorbike Certification

  • EMT Certification (For PD or FD Members)

  • Volunteer Firefighter (For PD Members)

  • Marine Certification

  • Civilian Certification

  • Dispatch Certification


How can I join Precision Roleplay?


Requirements to Join

  • You must be older than 13

  • You must own a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto IV (Dispatch is Exempt)

  • You must have a clear, working microphone

  • You must live in North America

  • You must speak fluent English


How to Join

  • Apply for a Membership here: http://goo.gl/forms/ZjPpDK5GD4

  • Once you have applied, join our TeamSpeak 3 server at:

  • Once you have joined the server, please put [Review Required] next to your name. Now, you should be moved to an Interview room shortly. If you are not moved, please come back later preferably during the day. Please remember that if you are not subscribed to the channels, you will not see anyone on the server.

  • You should then have your application reviewed and we will accept or deny you based on your answers and the effort put into your application.


Other Information


Website: www.precisionroleplay.org (Down for Maintenance)




10-Codes/Radio Traffic: Here.


Policies, Manuals, and Operating Procedures: Here.


Youtube Channel: Here.


Director T. Till


Deputy Director J. Hilton

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