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Loading Bar Crash

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Hi everyone!

I've installed quite a few cars for GTA:SA, and installed them using San Andreas Mod Installer.

I load up the game, then halfway through loading it crashes, yet I can still hear the music.

Have I modded too much? I think I changed around 15 cars.

I made a Backup, but where do I put this to restore my old cars?

Thanks for any help given. :jumpon:

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Make sure that you've modded the right version of GTA SA(v1.00). GTA SA v2.00 is not mod compatible and so if you have v2 and want to mod your game you'll have to downgrade.

Also, try installing the mods one at a time and testing the mod in-game after each installation. This way if one of your mods is causing the crash, you'll know which one it is.

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