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  1. fire boy

    Grand Theft Auto IV out now in stores!

  2. fire boy

    New Zealand also getting censored GTA IV

    Well the n.z. and aust ratings are R18 - containing violence and offensive language. whereas the other ratings were M+ - blood, intensive violence, patial nudity, strong language, strong sexual content and use of drugs and alcohol. so i guess we miss out on the ones that aren't listed for the n.z rating
  3. fire boy

    New Zealand also getting censored GTA IV

    ARRGHHH!!! censored in new zealand aswell!! I'm gonna be pissed if it makes the game crap in any way
  4. i dont know if anyone else noticed but if you pause it when niko is being shot at in the subway there is what looks to be a map of liberty city and the subway routes
  5. fire boy

    Jeuxactu Previews GTA IV

    Hey does anybody remember how many hours it took to complete san andreas for a comparison cheers.
  6. fire boy

    Official GTA IV website now live!

    i have to say R* have done a superb job with this website. all the wee touches that make it so funny and clever. all the new videos are aewsome especially the one where roman is off his face!!! Also the "banging trash can lids for an hour" is so funny!! i seriously cannot wait for this game im almost wetting my pants!!!
  7. fire boy

    Trailer 3 Released - Move Up, Ladies

    man this trailer is so awesome. all i need to do now is buy a new next gen console and wait for R* to release the game!! i cant wait!!!
  8. fire boy

    Inside Liberty City: Developer Diary

    there are also some new screen shots that have been uploaded onto the rockstar site which are pretty rad. someone should add them to this site. man i hope they tell us the release date soon i cant wait!!!!!!
  9. fire boy

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    GTA IV WISHLIST *actually having visible panels on the inside of cars. *more fire engines and seeing its liberty city a ladder truck wich you can lift the ladder up and down *better car damage physics *smarter cops and peds *newer different cars *better ai driving i got sick of people crashing into me in SA *speedo *harder missions *being able to talk to random peds *more involved and varied r3 missions like not just exstingushing a car on fire or delivering people to the hospital *having like a type of garage where you can store a boat *a daily news paper and t.v. news report that you could read/watch on the internet *having the choice wether you want to dual weld weapons or not *more varied weater conditions *if you crash through a fence or something it should stay broken for a couple of days or something *no more turf wars or assets *not being like a gazillionaire by the end of the game *when you are busted you should like wake up in the cells or in a hospital bed when you've been wasted *having multiple storylines *and finally for the god damn game to be released!!!
  10. fire boy

    GTA IV Box Art Unveiled, Trailer 3 Announced

    with the whole number plate thing in nz we have to have number plates on the front and the back for the same reason someone else mentioned and also regarding the police cars plates i assume that they are the cruisers i.d. numbers. but at the end of the day they are just number plates!!