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  1. Also here is a link to our social club and website! Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sa_public_safety Website: www.sanandreaspublicsafety.webs.com
  2. SAN ANDREAS PUBLIC SAFETY (SAPS) We are currently accepting applications for all positions!!! Positions Include: *Firefighter *Paramedic/EMT *Police *Sheriff *Aviation's *Civilians About us: We are an Xbox 360 based Emergency Response Clan. Our operations include LSFD, LS EMS, LSPD, and many others. We do nightly patrols/shifts or whenever you are available. We also do not have an age restriction but do require you to be mature and professional. If you have questions, please comment or send me a private message and I can get you more info! REQUIREMENTS: *Working Mic *Some Rollplay Experience *Mature Thanks for taking a look and hope to hear from you!!
  3. Hello Fellow GTA Players! I come to you today looking for people interested in joining our Liberty City Emergency Management Clan! We are an Xbox360 Based clan that does Police, Fire, EMS, Aviations, Aquatics Operations on GTA 4. We hold patrols on every tuesday and thursday around 7 or whatever best suits everyone! Once GTA 5 releases, we will continue to try and hold rollplaying and operations on both games! If anyone is interested in joining please contact me on here or go to our website and fill out an application! Here is the link: http://www.libertycityemergencymanagement.webs.com
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