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  1. www.palominocreekrp.com (Forums) ts.palominocreekrp.com (Teamspeak) * * NOTE: The server is currently in development, we hope to build up a small community whilst we're in development and build upon it when we open. Keep up to date on our forums! * Preface Before I begin, I know you're most likely thinking "oh, look another roleplay server", and quite rightly so; SA-MP is highly overpopulated with roleplay servers, however I believe PC-RP has something to offer that most other servers don't. PC-RP is a community which offers something that most other servers lack - well experienced community administrators and developers who can offer so much to their players. Our administrator team has had vast amounts of experience over the past few years in various SA-MP communities, we know what a roleplay server SHOULD be, and we are providing just that. A proper roleplay environment in which anything is possible... * After playing on a huge amount of roleplay servers over the past few years I have come to realize that there really are not many servers out there which are truly HEAVILY roleplay based, in fact I can only think of two, the rest of them seem to have any number of the following problems; * A) An incapable team of administrators & server owners Horrible economies where everyone is a millionaire with a plethora of sports cars C) Very little-to-no roleplay, seeing people roaming the streets not even knowing what IC and OOC are is painful D) The server itself is generally badly made, full of bugs which are abused by players E) Server owners who give almost anything for a few bucks* ... etc etc. * PC-RP aims to offer a server which is properly managed, has a decent economy and vast amounts of detailed roleplay wherever you go with the thought that you are playing a well made server which is secure and reliable. * Server Economy The server's economy is going to be different from most other SA-MP communities. A HUGE issue with most roleplay servers is the fact that people seem to get paychecks in the tens, or even hundreds, of thousands which makes everyone uber rich. It's a little harder to make money in PC-RP than it is in most other servers, meaning that people have an incentive to play longer as it takes time to advance. * Paychecks Each hour you get a paycheck and you must travel to the Palomino Creek bank in-order to collect it. You get a base payment of $100 per character level with a tax deduction of 12%, and this is the very basic paycheck of a brand new player. Joining a LEGAL faction such as the San Andreas Sheriff's Department or the San Andreas Fire Department allows you to receive bonuses on your paycheck ($100 for SASD and $120 for SAFD). There are also deductions for vehicle insurance (see later) and health insurance. There are also side jobs which can give you extra cash when completed, which will be added to your paycheck. * Houses & Businesses By default, each player has one house and one business slot. There are a range of businesses around Palomino Creek and neighboring counties, from restaurants to sex shops and dealerships to general stores. Palomino Creek may be a small place, but there is a large amount of housing available, from dodgy apartments down the back alleys to detached houses overlooking the bay. * Vehicles Vehicle prices range from $18,000 to $4,000,000 - again, this is so not everyone is driving round in top of the range vehicles. You can own up to three vehicles which can be increased to four if you're a certain donator level. People who are level 15 can purchase sailing vessels upon the acquisition of sailing license. Aircraft cannot currently be purchased, however small aircraft may be able to be purchased in the future. * Vehicle Insurance Vehicle insurance is an optional purchase, however it is recommended that you purchase it before you get a car. If you destroy a car without vehicle insurance then you lose that car, plain and simple. However, with insurance you can reclaim your car from the Palomino Creek DMV; the recovery price is a percentage of the total vehicle price. * * Factions Our factions system isn't like many other servers. We offer our own players the chance to be invited by server management to create their own faction; we watch all our players closely and choose the people we think are best suited for faction leadership positions. We currently have three slots for illegal factions, allowing us to bring an element of gang roleplay to the server.* * We cater greatly for anyone who is dedicated to police roleplay; the management team of the server all once lead a police department on a roleplay server over the course of two years and so we know how frustrating it is to have an under equipped police department. There are a number of different features that are being planned and implemented for the police department that will hugely enhance the roleplay quality and provide enjoyment for both our cop and non-cop players.* * I could write tons more, but I really don't feel like it... why not come join our forums and find out more? The server itself is not open yet, it is in closed development. We will be getting some more BETA testers soon, we expect to be opening within a month!