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    Oh well some Myth Hunting I guess? It's the fun of roaming around GTA and exploring the new ' hidden ' stuff put in by Rockstar! Have fun exploring my forum!

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  1. Skoorl, sincere apologies for the mis-communication. However I did mention that I did not see anything apart from weird activities going on. I'm not returning to GTA San An anytime soon so congratulations on finding the secret island.
  2. The internet was always wrong which is rather obvious. It has never been about the internet, people just like myth hunting and look for those myths and fail but as long as they had fun? Some might think it's a waste of time but the others might not. I'm not saying that the Myths exist, they don't. I personally gave up on this back in 2013. I did lay out my opinion quite well by saying "I have confirmed that the following myths do NOT exist:" But I am not their final judge am I? There will still be people who will disagree and people who will agree and for the people who do not agree they can continue looking for information on the "internet"
  3. Hey Hakimi, I have confirmed that the following myths do NOT exist: Leatherface - I've heard that if you stand for quite long in an area i.e Panopation,Red County and the Fishers Lagoon,you end up dying? This has never happened to me so I prove this as false. Note that you can die due to hunger. Mothman Yeti LochNessMonster Spaz Guy CJ's Moms Ghost Bear Bigfoot Aliens - I've only heard people talking about the Alien esp the Trenchcoat guy The Ghost in ghost town Big Smokes Ghost Fire Dog The Ring Girl The Woods Creature - I've never come across anything weird and I have confirmed that it might not exist but the internet says that its existence is possible. Piggsy And the secret island since I never found it but if any of you do, please post pictures. There are a few more that do not exist but those are the main ones. Good Luck Myth Huntin!
  4. So far it looks like the Ganton Gym might be the best lead but upon checking the rest I don't see anything that would lead to the secret island. Good luck on your search.
  5. Hey Rockstarrem, I am not aware of any game files that were uncovered. However, I found a way that might lead us to this "secret island" The video does not show any traces of the sea and it only shows what looks like the person did the "Blue Hell" trick. This basically leads you to the interiors of the game and you eventually fall into an area of complete darkness and if you walk around a bit you do see items such as guns just randomly there. It can be possible that further research might lead us to this island. This is how you do the trick - Go to the GYM in Los Santos, Activate the Jet pack cheat and then go to the First Left Corner and fly up, Blue hell is just basically the Interiors of the game. Good Luck!
  6. Hey Hakimi, The island actually, might be true/false. I've seen a video on YouTube where a person was playing on his Playstation 2 Console and he reached a certain island. I believe that it may have been an older version of San Andreas where by a piece of map was not used in game and was bugged and just left out or since it's YouTube it's more likely to be on the false side. I have tried to fly oceans away but I haven't seen a "secret island." Please let me know if you find the island (without mods) and it'll be better if you post images here. Here is a link to the video: Good luck!
  7. There's nothing there mate. Just a lie probably. I didn't find anything unusual there, I was there for 2 whole days (Game time) and didn't seem to see anything like a dead body.
  8. I got a lead in search for Bigsmoke(Ghost). He is located in his factory (The crack). There is this area where by a bulb flikers, go over to that place and create havoc(Destroy boxes) Then use your sharp eyes to locate shadow movements. It's always there. How to: - Basically go over to the factory at night (I just assume its the best time) - Don't apply any cheats (Again, I just assume that by doing that you will receive the best results) - Remember while in the process of creating havoc, keep on darting around that pillar.
  9. Greetings, Ashmit76. As you have said that you heard 'broo' in the middle of the game, was this the PC version? Or the Console? If it was the Console your game had 90% chance of getting a lag (Game getting stuck due to the Disk's error or the Console) therefore the game does such obnoxious acts. However would you mind giving me a better description about the area? I'd love to look into it.
  10. Somewhat i enjoy Myth hunting ofcourse but i also understand that some of the Myths which have been talked about in the past could be ' Mods. ' It's true that some of these dont even exist as i tried my best to obtain results and failed. Lol
  11. People say there, is existence of baby dragons and dragons in the game, well i have not seen anything like that. I don't think there is anything like dragons is the game. Cause many say that they did see a dragon fly and Baby dragons behind the Vinewood sign. Well I have checked so many times, Behind there but did not find anything suspicious or movement apart from the existence of a Cane (Its a weapon) . One thing to note. Not all myths are correct, Some are cooked up others are Just seeings (lets say you activate the Car flying cheat code, After sometime you see something Fly, It was a car but cause of its distance you now say ''I saw mothman'' ''Wow i just saw a Dragon'' '' Wow a UFO''. Such things are too misguiding and can let the user post anything on the internet. Well You have to avoid this. (that's why if you want to find out a myths existence, Please No cheats should be activated unless you know what you are doing.)
  12. I prove the existence of Mothman as Non existence. Well there is no proof At all. You only see crap in the sky. Dots maybe. Or something. Well you see things, Maybe some Vids do show some thing being seen there and here. Well those MIGHT be bugs. I have searched for 4 hours ( Real Life). Standing and roaming Even i do see such things. But i Do not have anything to say. So I PROVE it as Unsolved. I have seen all the videos on YouTube. The Proofs Shown are Too Shady. Well the thing about the statues is weird. No idea about that. Well if you do find out anything please post pictures here. PICTURES SHOULD NOT BE MODDED OR EDITED IN ANY WAY.
  13. Guys please keep on checking this post. As i keep on updating New stuff. Just follow the Topic And help me Solve new myths.
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