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  1. Lordsaddler_2005

    GTA Creator Announces New Game

    you know that 2 years is about the same time they worked on vc and sa
  2. Lordsaddler_2005

    whats you favorite mission

    whats your favorite mission in san andreas
  3. Lordsaddler_2005


    i think it will be in modern day to because all the other gtas (or some of them) are mostly in modern day
  4. i think it will have all the things as gta 3, vice city, san andreas and all the other gtas, you know what im talking about, so if you have any info please reply on gta5
  5. Lordsaddler_2005

    When will gta5 come out?

    dude somones got to tell me when gta5 is coming out im despret to know