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  1. otis

    LVS mod. any help?

    ah, might not work then... i dont have vice city so.... anyway i tried opening it and its just a page of crap. im not really that good at the computer stuff - just love gta.
  2. otis

    Mods I'd like to see.

    this would be a cool mod. Its just a thing in my head right now but if anyone could make it real.....
  3. otis

    LVS mod. any help?

    How do i install it, and is it worth installing?
  4. otis

    Mods I'd like to see.

    Im trying to add the mod that puts the vice city and liberty city islands next to your san andreas islands. any idea how to do that???
  5. otis

    Mods I'd like to see.

    An oilrig would be cool. i want really simple stuff like a mod that gives a speedo and a bar at the bottom of the screen that acted as a rear-veiw mirror would be so good. The number of times im being chased an try to corner only to get my chasers ramming the back end of my car and spinning me off - a constant rear-view mirror that you could just glance down at would solve that.
  6. otis

    Mods I'd like to see.

    Iv started to mod my GTA:SA on pc and have had some thoughts on what id like to see in the way of mods. If anyone knows of a place i can get a mod like the ones i want or could make one id be very interested. If you just wanna put down your ideas itd be cool to hear them, Oli