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  1. I have the same prob, but I lowered the detail level and it fixed most of the problems, it happens when there are people near a fire or something... but it worked for me, try it yourself hehe

    How do you do that.

    press esc, video options and should be there ;)

  2. Have an extra pair of eyes, like a mate or sumthin, to help you spot when you van see the plane on the radar, so you can concentrate on the scree, it really helps man. And do a half cuban when you see the plane (like half a loop, then half a barrel roll after, so you end up goin the same way as the plane, but a bit higher, so you can swoop down to gain the extra speed. From then on, itsa peice of chocolate cake...

    alright then It's a matter of skills >.< I'll try for the 100 time :lol:

  3. I had that problem too, I think it is because of the crack.

    Escape from Toreno and T-bone Mendez and after you did you will get a message and you need to find them again, after that you should have a dot on the map witch is pointing to the club you start that mission (I forgot its name).

    That should be it.

    Yeah I guess was it, now it worked and I passed it ^_^

    Btw If I use a medium/best graphics the people on the streets gets "broken" it's games or its my graphic card fault?

  4. keep going straight on after the blip (or dot), this is when the next part of the mission is triggered.

    FYI everyne, it's one of jizzy's missions, the on where you have to find mikes transponder, not sure of the name...

    So just keep on drivin...

    ah ok thanks, I'll try and see if works ;)

  5. Alright I got GTA SA for PC and I can't pass a mission.

    Its when you have to wander in the city in the car and you are looking for a guy, then you find him in the airport, you go there, kill the goons, destroy the van and then you have to get the two guys out of the airport, I do that but when I go near the red mark outside the airport it vanishes but on the map the "dot" stays there...

    So i can't pass it >.< any ideas?

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