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  1. How do you do that. press esc, video options and should be there
  2. I have the same prob, but I lowered the detail level and it fixed most of the problems, it happens when there are people near a fire or something... but it worked for me, try it yourself hehe
  3. alright then It's a matter of skills I'll try for the 100 time
  4. Alright so I am in this mission from caligulas casino, its the one you have to follow the plane, but he is too fast and I can't reach the corona How did you passed it? thanks
  5. Yeah I guess was it, now it worked and I passed it Btw If I use a medium/best graphics the people on the streets gets "broken" it's games or its my graphic card fault?
  6. ah ok thanks, I'll try and see if works
  7. Alright I got GTA SA for PC and I can't pass a mission. Its when you have to wander in the city in the car and you are looking for a guy, then you find him in the airport, you go there, kill the goons, destroy the van and then you have to get the two guys out of the airport, I do that but when I go near the red mark outside the airport it vanishes but on the map the "dot" stays there... So i can't pass it any ideas?
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