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  1. perhaps someone can just beat this level for me? http://www.sendspace.com/file/kkbnpk
  2. I am unwillingly stuck on one level where niko has to jump on the back of a truck full of heroin. I cannot pass that mission cause my computer freezes up when I hit space a lot. Does anyone know where I can find working links to download that complete mission?
  3. believe it or not i have used search and actually found those two tutorials, unfortunately they don't work. whoever wrote them didn't really give much thought and just wrote that they thought was the answer. you see C:\User\ as one tutorial pointed out where the word "user" is your username doesn't exist. the other tutorial you pointed out also doesn't work where the user even says it doesn't work.
  4. Hello, Is there a way to backup the saved games? I need to format my pc but I don't want to lose the saved games. I used the offline version.
  5. After taking the mission where Roman has anyone had any issues calling Kate in the game? Has anyone gotten a strange beep and them the phone hung up?
  6. 1. I don't give a shit if you believe me or not. 2. Yes Apple fanboys do get violent, see what happens if you tell them to their face that the iPhone isn't "breaking technology" and isn't as good as it was made out to be. 3. Perhaps you and him should learn to read? I never spoke about graphics I said the game in general was a horrible game and that was comparing it their other games they have made. I never made any statement about graphics at all. What actually bothers me is the actual GAMEPLAY. perhaps you should calm the fuck down cause obviously you are too excited to read correctly.
  7. The game isn't coming out for the PS3, 360, Wii (Could possibly in future) or any other console than the DS. It has this type of graphic because it's being used on a HANDHELD console. Think of it this way, it's a completely new style which might become successful. If you don't like it, then don't fucking post, asshole. Seriously, all you haters out their know you had it coming. what you going to cry me a river now? forget the bridge just jump in. i played the game and it is an awful game. graphics don't bother me so much its all handheld games that do. vice city stories was horrible game cause you do is sit there and squint at that shit. before you start posting your fanboy bullshit how about you actually understand what i post that way you can reduce slightly your appearance of dumbass. you really think mobile games are any good? i play Bubbles during boring lectures or any other time when I don't have anything else to do but it doesn't make it a great game, it sucks but it kills time. Second as far as the graphics, yes they do suck and yes i played Nintendo DS and yes it sucks I prefer the old school Nintendo Gameboys. Wii I played that as well its a bit better than the Nintendo DS but it still has limitations. If you are a fan of Nintendo's new crap then fine but being a little prick about it and insulting me cause I don't like it isn't way to get your point across. Take it from the Apple fanboys they are known to be mindless and violent.
  8. why in the world would they ever make this awful game? seriously. is there going to be some crappy version of gta for my phone?
  9. can someone please help me out?
  10. i was hoping someone could do that mission for me. i also had tried your advice and didn't help
  11. can someone please help with the "freefall" mission? i cannot get the plane into that corona. please help.
  12. I apologies if this is against the rules, but this is a notice to anyone using SA-MP to no longer use it. A former developer named "Jacob" has hijacked the code and released it and also using it with his hacker group known as Zytronics which he uses the company "TRC Roofing and Siding" as a front for this group. Raise hell about this, slam the company and do whatever is possible.
  13. yes i have and i put in a unique username too
  14. Hello, I dont know if this is against the rules, I apologies if it is. I tried using their forums and irc but they really wouldnt listen and really weren't helpful at all. I am having an issue with SA-MP where I cannot connect to a server. When I try to nothing happens (nothing just the generic windows sound is played when you do something wrong). I tried deleting the user files from my documents and i tried their patch but nothing works. Any ideas? Has anyone been through the same situation?
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