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  1. I tried using HxD tool, changed console id and so, but i keep getting the message "you dont own this save" from the game... Quess the gamesaves are encrypted (cause of the online-update to sosial club) ish! Thanks anyway!
  2. Didnt work this way.... I think i'll need to use haxtools to get it work! I'll tell ya if i get it done
  3. Right click them, and zip u can also upload them without an acount at: http://www.filedropper.com/
  4. Thank you! Would be nice if it worked, tho (:
  5. Can i please try your gamesave? Got a memory stick or something?
  6. lol, thats ridiculous.... What console are you playing at? I'll might import a gamsave file, just to get these two trophies!
  7. Hello! So, i just completed the last mission in the story... I chose to kill trevor, something I should'nt have done! Now, in the lategame, im unable to play as Trevor! My question is... Is there anyway to get him back? I mean... if you want the "attain 100% Game Completion" achivement you have to complete hunting and so with him? Altso i need him for the "Three Man Army"? Is there no way to get him back or complete theese achivements without him? -Thnx
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