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  1. Just play the game and you'll see
  2. Oh, the original post. I can see it as "reported". Not sure why, I don't think he did anything wrong :/
  3. Aww, I think someone would have noticed though. Maybe he rushed it and didn't give anyone a chance to see it was his birthday
  4. Nope, you still have a while to go. Once you go outside, you have to go to the guardhouse, back to the mansion for a bit, back outside to the underground caves and then off to the lab. Do you mean Barry? He comes back but he can die, depending on what you choose at the part where you fight Yawn (the big snake) again in the piano room. No, wait, I think he dies depending on what choices you make in the underground caves. Yeah, I think that's it. I haven't played it in a while
  5. I'm not going to further discuss the matter with you. YOu can think whatever you want and the fact that you seem to think I'd lie about my intentions to you, as if you scare the shit out of me, is beyond hilarious. If I were trying to make fun of him, I would happily tell you that is my intention. Otherwise, telling someone you don't really believe their story isn't flaming them. Also funny how I wasn't the only one who mentioned "bullshitting" but I was cleary your target. Thanks for your time. You can reply if you wish, you wont get a response because I wont further reply to someone who just walks in here and throws out BS when people are having a discussion. If anyone else wants to post an intelligent post, I'd be glad to chat!
  6. See what happened there? I'm gonna go back and now say that I never said you were flaming him. See my earlier point about technicalities. The fact of the matter is, I was accusing you of flaming him, you know, I know it. But I never said it. Just because you don't say something directly it doesn't mean you're not implying it. The whole sensitivity issue only seems to happen when you post. You're just inwilling to give people the benefit of the doubt. You say you don't care what happens on the internet, so why are you such a nazi about what is truth and isn't? If you don't think it's true, then why bother dedicating your time to them? I'm sure loads of people have neglected to post in this topic because they think the story is infeasible. be one of them for once. OMG I WAS DICUSSING A MATTER IN A DISCUSSION FORUM! CRUCIFY ME! Incase you forgot already, I just said I was curious as to what exactly happened because it doesn't make sense but maybe I am missing something so I was more or less hoping he would elaborate on it so maybe I can pick up on whatever I missed and finally make sense of it all. I made it clear what I got from the story so he could understand why I don't believe it so maybe he could explain it better. TELLING HIM HIS STORY IS BULLSHIT AND TELLING HIM WHY I THINK SO = DISCUSSING IT. Get over it. This is a simple discussion to get some info from him because the story is somewhat interesting. Making one post and leaving isn't a discussion. Posting a few points to talk about something is a discussion. It's funny how whenever I am being a target, you're never around but you'll go out of your way to insult me when I am just asking questions. I never called him any names, I also said "I know I sound harash but..." just so he knows that I am not trying to rip him apart and am just having a discussion. Any other insults you want to throw my way? If not, I'm having a chat with him and not putting him down at all, I'm just telling him what I think because it sounds weird.
  7. There are 4 crests. When you get all 4, you get to go outside. I love the guardhouse! That's my favourite part of the game. I'm gonna post a pic just so no one complains about us going off topic, lol. Ignore the sign, it's my username in another forum and we were all messing around about a big joke there that if you are a girl and don't post a pic of yourself holding a sign, you aren't real, lol.
  8. Nah, I think the way he acts is for real. He looks like the type to act the way he does, all proper and crap. He looks like the type of person who doesn't really like to have fun.
  9. That banner is awful. I made a few videos and two were taken down because the music was "copyright material".....I just don't see how it's a problem if someone uses a track they downloaded to make their own video. Sure, I'm not giving anyone any money for it, but I would think that using the music might get it some exposure if it's a song people really haven't heard much.
  10. LMAO! My God, why are people here so sensitive these days? I didn't say he was an idiot/looking for attention/not worth my time, I was just discussing his story. Relax. This is why I don't come to this forum often. You can't post an opinion without someone coming along and accusing you of trying to flame people. I don't believe his story and I am just sharing with him why I don't because I am curious as to how this "event" really unfolded because it just doesn't add up to me. He posted it here so he should expect to get questioned by people. It is a discussion forum, the last time I checked. Nice, I like how you put words and thoughts into my head, all of which I never said NOR thought.
  11. Things that don't make sense usually aren't true. It doesn't make sense to me to come to a forum asking how to beat someone up and then come back and post what happened and show how EASY it was to apparently take this guy down. If it were that easy, why come to a forum and ask for help? Oh, right, because it didn't happen that way. To be fair, you kissed his GF so I'd be pissed and do anything to ruin your life as well, even though it was more her fault. ...yet all this kid apparently had to do was trip him (which would be fairly hard to do since he has so much weight and your little twig legs don't have enough strength to be able to do this) and then punch him while he's down....which is BS.
  12. SO? It's the fault of the people who decided to hate you based on whatever he did to make them hate you. If they can be that easily manipulated, they're in for a lot of trouble in life. People are poor in this world, dying of diseases, getting murdered and being liked is what people worry about these days. Wow. I think saying "everyone" is pretty inaccurate because that would mean he'd have hundreds of people on his side, which is BS, like I think your story is. I know I sound harsh but this story is just beyond ridiculous. You want to kick a guy's ass, who's GF you kissed, because he SOMEHOW made "everyone" in your school hate you.
  13. It's always refreshing to know today's youth doesn't care about being mature. The future is looking so much brighter! I don't get your logic. His GF made a move on you, yes, but you went ahead and made the move back yet you want to kick HIS ass?
  14. I have a high feeling that story is complete BS. You came here asking how to "fuck up a fat ass", which signified you had no idea how to deal with him, and then the result is a few exchanged words, a trip and a few punches? Not buying it. On top of that, he clearly didn't want to fight you but you decided to be a little ass anyways. He was probably mad when he threatened to kick your ass the first time and let his rage get the best of him but he probably didn't mean because if he did, he would have dropped you right then and there but he decided not to and don't try the "he was scared of me" shit, incase you were thinking of going that route, because you are nowhere near intimidating, especially considering he probably outweighs you by a lot if he's a "fat fuck". Going and fighting him makes you look even worse than him. Learn to deal with shit like a mature human being. You kissed his GF so you aren't innocent.
  15. I always found it a bit silly when people made birthday topics for themselves. :/
  16. He may have been your friend but your GF is still to blame. Your friend isn't in that sort of relationship with you so he can do whatever he wants (even though it's wrong). Your GF obviously was unhappy with the relationship and chose to try her luck elsewhere. People don't cheat for no reason, they cheat because they're bored of their relationship or something in the relationship is missing so people go somewhere else to get what their relationship isn't giving them. Your friend shouldn't have done it but she's still the one to blame even more for being with you and choosing to hit on someone else, let alone choosing a guy who she knows you are friends with. Guys will be guys and, even though they might know in their minds it's wrong, it can be hard for them to turn down some free vag.
  17. The idea of it is "life" so it goes from being a newborn baby to being an old man/death. Do it in this order: Newborn baby -> Infant -> Lively boy -> Young man -> Middle aged man -> Old man -> Final painting (the one that isn't on the same wall as the other pictures) Just click yes to push each switch as you go along in that order. Just don't shoot the crows, they wont come after you until you grab the crest but after you grab it, just run out, you don't need to waste ammo on them.
  18. I hate people who blame "the other person" when their lover cheats. It's his GF's fault for making a move while in a relationship with him. Stupid fat ass.
  19. RE has been my life for the past 13 years, lol. I <3 it so much. RE:DC is easy! Aww, come on, don't tell me you can't finish it! So where are ya in the game? What do you need help on?
  20. Thanks. You can see a few mistakes and/or eraser lines in all my pictures, lol. I took every single art class when I was in school and draw as a hobby. It took years to get good but it was worth it.
  21. Resident Evil 5 . I am working on the mercenaries mode. This game has totally taken over my life <3
  22. I think Lil' Wayne is also starting to get some lame girlie following. I can't even believe this guy has a career.
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