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  1. slaughter king


    does anyone know where i can find sound mods for cars
  2. slaughter king

    question plz read

    i do but it always fucks my game up it crashs then i uninstall and it works fine and ya i did downgrade idk if its something im not doing right or what
  3. slaughter king

    question plz read

    how i install a map like a race track
  4. slaughter king

    Looking for a car? v.2

    im looking for any flatout 2 cars i found some but forgot the website
  5. slaughter king

    question please read

  6. slaughter king

    question please read

    i need a good racing circut and a drifting mod
  7. slaughter king

    question plz read

    is it possible to replace the greenwood with any car i want??
  8. slaughter king

    Favorite Radio Station(s)

    mine is radio los santos
  9. slaughter king

    plz read

  10. slaughter king

    plz read

    if i patched my game to v1.01 would my mods and the to trainers i have not work anymore?? cuz i wanna use save games and they always crash my game
  11. slaughter king


    does anybody here know where i can find a skin for cj that changes him into the game or snoop dog cuz the i found on gtagarage.com isnt downloadable or mayb any the game & snoop dog shirts tats
  12. slaughter king


    thx ill check tht
  13. slaughter king


    my game is slow as crap it takes forever to load anything idk if its because the mods i installed or if i have to just reinstall it
  14. slaughter king


    when i go to do grey imports i cant do the mission cuz after the cutscene the screen goes black and stays that way till i hit escape.
  15. slaughter king


    i cant get the SAspeedo mod to work it loads but i dont see the meter itself