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  1. Animal rights wud be up there arse if they put animals in the game. Cuz frank;y who wouldnt kick the fuck out of a dog in a game?
  2. Find out which car u replaced and then spawn it with the car spawner available at this site or use a spawn cheat.
  3. If i didnt double post it wouldnt of bumped the topic and wouldnt have recieved help. Anyway i searched my comp for all GTA SA files and deleted them but am still having the same problems.
  4. Ive tried reinstalling and deleted everything GTA related on my comp but nothing seems to work. Anybody had the same prob i really wanna play GTA!
  5. I only install car mods with the GTA installer availble on this site. If i downloaded a bunch of cars i would usall yinstall about 3 and then test the game, then if it doesnt work then i uninstall each until it works and then identify which one is causing the problems. I dont dare install them myself, i know i will fuck it up.
  6. I modded alot of cars and then all of the sudden my game wouldnt load. I uninstalled the last 5 mods i installed and still it didnt work. So i reinstalled the game. Then it would load the game but it wouldnt load past half way when u start a new game. then i reinstalled again and deleted all files that remained that involved GTA, And the tried to play but the same happened. I reinstalled again and still nothing. Why is this happening.
  7. What car mods do you guys have and maybe give some links to them. I just want to mod all the cars but have run out of any more good cars to add.
  8. Yh, but maybe the environment will be more reactive, and have conciquences, like if u do blow up a train you will not be able to use them for 3 game weeks or something until they repair it.
  9. True^ i saw it on Mythbusters It would be cool to see different strokes that niko could do, and peds swimming, surfing. Could allow a cool water killing moves where u dunk there heads. The hyporthermia idea i great, maybe when u get in the cold water you will have another bar ontop of your health, and when that runs out you start to get injured, exactly like the oxygen feature in SA
  10. i am nooby when it comes to that. Do u think i shud just install them all again?
  11. Greetings from another new guy.

  12. Hey all. I recently tried to install a mod myself. A weapons one to be more precise. And i messed it up, i backed up my files so i went to replace the modded ones but it still froze. So ill just have to reinstall. The thing is i have installed loads of car mods with the Mod installer which is great, and i was wondering cant i just copy the files which the mod edits. I think its handling, and something else i cant remember, so if i keep them on my comp and replace the ones when i have reinstalled it. Would that work, if it would which files would i have to keep. Thanks in advance.
  13. I was just wondering if there are any Zmodeler video tuts out there. I have googled it but with no luck, i only find writeen ones. And i find i can learn better from watching somebody do it. So if there is any could i get a link please. Or if you wouldnt mind making a really quick one i would be very appreciative.
  14. Sry for the bump but after i quit SA MP i get loads of those boxes popping up again. Any tips?
  15. Thanks. But for example im trying to install the Hummer but i have already used the lanstalker modle to install the M5, so will it work if i use another vehicle or will it just gently caress up. Also with some cars i install it crashes the game half way before it loads, is that just the mod itselfs fault or am i doing stuff wrong.
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