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  1. Just passed the 375 member mark. Always on the lookout for people who play to have fun. .
  2. I'm on the PS3 side, but I want to build the XBOX side up. I'm having a lot of fun online and wanted the XBOX folks to get in on the good times.
  3. 306 Members so far. More members added. Plating to enjoy online GTA V. A mixture of PS3 and Xbox players. I'm hoping to add more XBOX players so more people can enjoy the game. Crew NDIS Link - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/deluxe_revolver goodguns308 latedistance3209 davon69er sweatyclutch mitchm227 chuckhedden Tw34k_1_ Nanuzsh bonyobox guiltypleas fathead420p SmilingJokerBZH Eronai Chester400 choyjay Goldfinch1986794 Milo-Pie Castmagoo SuperCodyA degenerate17 RedeyedAnubis23 luca3222 snowilli curtains313 KeatonG824 bluesterrier S1NB4D42O ValtApe TheOriginalMax Jagasaurus RAIYDD Longshot525 johannn59 beddo657 jclifford412 Lord_Tic_tac CurtisSpence84 Dsharpie11 ardeneb Image_KC alien_242 GenobeeX H3lls33k3rDan bassemand1212 fevrovers4ever Redjacket200 tewach1 Juskil POwlarUN SanteBar Auseranami drGiggless EwoodRover jaybadass A3gidify babel159 invisibleman13 Swigerks leftrightwillis Sooperj Vrost_ Track_god d00_d00_h34d YAMI999 gtajoe MC_Nugget wolfenkrieg yungtre3226 Lord_Ka1n reyblaze619 marauders94 roundnest37893 .-DaviD-. MayBird andretexxcheeze2 spetenze OgK_Rock44 arcticvisions ninjachuki Shwah24 .kriss insomniac81 zealousKJSmooth Dreigatron AgentD.C.Gibson .
  4. 150 members so far. One of the crew started a youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/tylerparkgamer .
  5. Your screen name is easy to remember. If I see you online, I'll send you an invite. Played last night because I had a free couple of hours. So much damn fun!!!
  6. It's still free on the PS3, but you have to pay for the PS4 Also, more good and friendly people joining the crew. Supporting each others on missions and inviting each other to their GTAV homes. Mix of XBOX and PS3 people. Mutedfaith EchoRenegade blehthony67 jkillabener jolokia72 antohio CannabisRoman nuclearbroccoli 2013Dynex eerb99 Psg-78
  7. I was just updated that new members were added in the hope of getting people intersted in joining to crew so that we can have drama free online play. Didn't realize that it would create a problem. Didn't want to create any drama, just doing thr hustle to promote the crew. Thanks for the heads up though! Getting into the multiplayer aspect on PS3 is a piece of cake and very easy.
  8. A mix of XBOX and PS3 players. We're still growing JohnnyRedCar De_M0_555 NeroTheDark spartan117am m1nst3r steyna2013 humpdawg jmon3y1103 okerin --Gar-- Noncenz808
  9. We're slowly growing Rahan17395 (XBOX) smokehiri (XBOX) FNP-90 eabbott2 MShing80 cjcomic10 Xbckwoodzracer luvexplosions (PS3) Tyler_Park (XBOX) idem222 (PS3)
  10. Thanks. We'll see what happens. The message boards is slow, but a couple people joined the Social Club.
  11. None of my friends have GTA V (they play other style games). I'm out there getting my arse owned. I just want to play missions and stuff with people who don't smoke out other people just for the sake of smoking them out. Players with positive attitudes. Doing missions, death matches, driving around exploring, etc. Backing up your team and doing a pimp slap here and there to people who ruin the gaming experience. Basically non douchey peeps. So I put together the Social Club and did a small message board. Open for PS and XBOX players. Whoever what’s to join. Social Club - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/deluxe_revolver Message boards - http://deluxe-revolver.forumotion.com/ I play on the Playstation and my ID is laurentkm3 and the crew tag is NDIS I’m posting on other message boards also. We'll see if this goes anywhere...............
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