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  1. I dont think R* has ever waited this long to put out the full detailed map with all the streets. When do you think we will see it? Hopefully before the 28th at 11:45pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. HEY all i searched, but could not find. the cheats for the xbox gta sa use the white and black buttons my 360 dont have them , are there cheats for gta sa when playing on xbox360? THANK you VERY MUCH, sorry am at work, im typing really fast............
  3. stop being a racist stop tellin me what to do, if you cant take some race jokes get the fu*k out if you cant take that dumb joke, then gta is not the game for you. i hope your mom died during her pergnacy, because she would be heart broken at what a pussy ass limp dick bitch she raised. o0o0o0o one more thing, if i ever see you, i gonna wip my pecker out and slap you in the face with it. so you have have a red mark up your face for the rest of the day that looks like a pecker. how you gonna explaine that one? your gonna say you got pecker slapped. OWNED be safe
  4. there are diffrent cops, if you see towards the start of the new trailer, when nico looks behind him driving the cop car is following, in hte car there are two diffrent cops one is a drug useing, well fair collecting, dumb ass, malt liquer drinking, big lipped, negro and the other is a honkey ass, sister banging, horse penis sucking, cracker ass white guy
  5. about the police shooting you in the legs, to slow you down.\ i think this game is going to be very realistic, i am becoming a cop. cops are trained to only pull there gun to shoot and kill. were not allowed to use a gun unless our intention is to kill. because the only time you should ever pull a gun on someone, is if you plan on killing them, there no such thing as shooting them in there legs, its not real life senario. so i think the police in gta, will be like that. they will probly have tazer guns, pepperspary, and stuff like that.
  6. I dont think this was posted, but i have researched. every screen shot shows people bundeled up in heavy winter clothes. i think it winter in this game, if not all seasons i think there will BE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you heard it from me first bitches
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