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  1. JakeTheSnake89

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Why The PS3. Those Things Suck. The Xbox 360's Graphics Are 2x better Than The PS3 And An Elite's 120 GB!! Don't Invest In Those Things. There More Like CrapS3's!
  2. JakeTheSnake89

    Which vehicles do you want in Gta IV

    My Vehicles -C-17 (Plane) At Least 5 Kinds Of Every Catagory -Minivan, With Sliding Doors -Game Show Cars, Like That One With The Toyota Sienna, That When People Get In They Have To Answer Questions, So That Way The Driver Pays Them Instead (If They Answer A Question Right) -Learjet -Toyota Sienna -Toyota Prius (Most Fuel Efficient Car In America 58/62)City/High -Crane, Bulldozer, Construction Vehicles -Huge Helicopters, Osprey (Heli, Plane Thing) -Post More Later
  3. JakeTheSnake89

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    -Yay, More! -Parachutes -You Meet CJ And Tommy -Hybrid Cars -Building Construction, Which You Later Stop Because You Blew Up The Building -MP3 To Listen To While Walking -Costumize Any Car -The Mayor, Which You Later Kill (Might Be Against Regulations) -And Finally, Being Able To Have A Job Like Working At GAP, Or Cluckin Bell P.S. The Reson I Want There To Be Hybrid Cars Is Because Maybe The Game Will Require You To Get Gas In Your Car, So That Way You Dont Have To Spend So Much At The Pump!
  4. JakeTheSnake89

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    tilly, Yeah, I Think I Went A Little overboard. I Got The Idea From Test Drive Unlimited, And I Just Got Addicted To It From There. -JakeTheSnake89 P.S. TDU Also Had A HUD Map, But I Just Thought It Looked Really Cool.
  5. JakeTheSnake89

    Your GTA4 location ideas

    If It Wasn't Alredy Selected, Seattle
  6. JakeTheSnake89

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I Thought Of More Crap While Driving -Monster Trucks -Car Dealership For Buying Your Favorite Car Because Its So Rare -Freeway, For Causing HUGE Car Accidents During Rush Hour (Just Like SA) -Blinkers You Can Use (And The A.I.) -Mirror Blinkers On The Nice Cars -X360 & PS3 In Your House(And Maybe A Wii) -SMARTER DRIVERS -Realistic Car Crashes
  7. JakeTheSnake89

    Your GTA4 location ideas

    Hello, You Know How Long That Game Would Take To Make?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some People Could Be Wating A DAMN Long Time For It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. But That Would Be Cool!
  8. JakeTheSnake89

    What You Would Do

    If It Was Up To You What Year, Cars, Weapons, City, Ect, Would The Game Be Like? I Will See If I Can Send This To R*
  9. hey man, are you in australia, and from england by any chance? Its just i know someone.... let me know

  10. JakeTheSnake89

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    -My Wishlist -No More Idiotic Cops, Like I'll Be At A Light, And All Of A Sudden A Stupid Cop Will Rear-end Me, And Then He'll Get All Pissed Cus He Thought It Was My Fault And Try To Take Me Down! -JFK -Speedometer -HUD Map That Shows The Actual City, Like In TDU -Costumizable House -REAL CARS -Bigger SUV's And Trucks -More Weapons -Being Able To Buy Any House You Want
  11. JakeTheSnake89

    Introduce Yourself..

    -Hey I'm New. I Sure Hope I Dont Regret Joining!