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  1. I once saw a link that had all of the game saves for every mission here somewhere. If anybody has that link because I want to use the save for this mission so I dont have to reinstall this and defrag my computer right now.
  2. I'm not using cheats and the zero mission is new model army or something like that. Its not letting me activate the magnet to pick up barrels and for the other mission its not letting me activate the car bomb. The same button is used for both missions.
  3. I know its not a side mission. The other one with zero that it wont let me beat is the side mission one, i think. But no, I'm not running any mods or cheats.
  4. Thats what I try to do. I park it in the red thing, I click LMB, and I get out but it tells me to go back to the car. The bomb wont activate. I had a problem like this in another mission with zero. It wouldn't let me activate the magnet on the helicopter to pick up barrels. I just skipped that mission because it was a side mission i guess. I can't skip this one. I think there is something wrong with my game. Is there mod to skip a mission or something like that?
  5. You have to activate the bomb in the car. So i cant do it outside of the car.
  6. I am on a mission that I have to drive to a drug plant or something and I have to set off a car bomb. The problem is it isn't letting me set off the bomb. It says to hit LMB to activate bomb. I hit it and it doesnt work. I even changed the button to set it off and it still doesn't work. Anybody know why?
  7. Does anybody know of a game save editor that I can use to check off the missions you want completed so I can just bypass this mission. I have no idea why it wont let me pick up the barrels and it isn't even letting me use noss (this is the same button to pick up the barrels).
  8. I did the other zero missions and I am not running any mods or anything. The button to pick them up is the left mouse button but it does nothing.
  9. I am on the mission "New Model Army" with zero but the magnet isn't letting me pick up the barrel or the plank thing. I have tried so many times but it is not picking anything up. Any body know why?
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