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  1. Can any of you peepz tell me how to join a crew or how can someone recruit me to there crew ? Thanks in advance.
  2. DJN3R0


    No need to be like this I understand what your saying but what you said I shall believe is childish , GTA V is a game for explorations and hardcore core , which I believe wasn't in gta v that much as gta iv ... And RDR , especially undead night mare DLC . Coming more to the point I believe that Modern warfare stuff is crap and if you ask me LaurieX or what ever your name is you the one that should be playing Mw stuff and yes I may be underaged for such game as gta v itself . Atleast I play the game for what it is and i was worried it might not work ! There were alot of bad requests about gta v so I went and putted on a investigation to perpel this probleme of the fear that my R 700,00 - $69 , 99 copy of gta wasn't going to work I got my ps3 and thanks for the advice you BlackListedB . To come to an end I played the game to come upon which I call " A Great Game " wichh aloudd me to rest in peace that my copy would work .
  3. DJN3R0


    Btw - go look at the thread you made "just 4 fun" , i posted some crazy stuff man !
  4. DJN3R0


    Why do you always let stuff sound so smart techy ? . Dude i'm 13 and I don't understand a word your saying ! ... Btw why don't you just play the game for what it is not looking at all the "aspects" and stuff man , i answerd you if the game has problemes not some tech bullsh*t btw thanks anyway for your time !
  5. DJN3R0


    Thanks man !
  6. DJN3R0


    I need to ask you ? , i don't have my ps3 now but i have played gta v on a 12 gb on my friend's ps3 but i wanna ask you : " i hear alot of people say gta v sh*t game don't buy and gta v doesn't work on my ps3 why keep stucking on the loading screens ect. Did you encounter with one or two of these problemes ?
  7. DJN3R0

    Slamvan Wheelie

    No replies? C'mon peeps muscle cars is awesome man.
  8. DJN3R0

    Looking for Military crew to join

    Yeah man i just got my ps3 .
  9. DJN3R0

    The insane humor of GTAs radio stations

    Yeah man it's like Vice City Stories all over again. Example.- Commentat.-Hey Lazlow sick my penis! Lazlow.-awww man must I? Crazy shit man. Like the humor of any gta game man.
  10. DJN3R0

    Looking for Military crew to join

    I"m gettin' my ps3 in about 3 hours... For X-mas... Btw merry christmas
  11. DJN3R0

    Looking for Military crew to join

    I know and thank btw what's your age ? I'm 16.
  12. DJN3R0


    I mean like look at the damn odds. All the other gta games we played felt like another deverse universe but gta v has that great exploration tron that everbody desires to explore. But i want to know all you guy's great times in this game that blow your mind? Mine was the first time i went on mt chilliad and enjoyed the sunset with a class of milk in my right hand but the next moment a damn cougar mauled me from the side instantanioulisly killing me left for dead spawning near the nearrest hospital for my fatal injuries. You see what i mean it's just that little things that you need to see to believe and know.
  13. DJN3R0

    Looking for Military crew to join

    Yeah man i'm with you-understand so have you heard about the mt chilliad mystery(puzzle). Btw what is your best skill in gta v like what do you like to do and what do you do good? Post back fast. Phone almost outta power...
  14. DJN3R0

    Looking for Military crew to join

    I'll join tomorrow Because there's another guy also wanting me to be in his crew I'll decide.
  15. DJN3R0

    Are u looking for a crew

    What cars do you collect? Or like the most?